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Hail to you - Dwellers of the Underground !

It's with Great Honour that I am sharing with you the THRASHING MADNESS label has just released a Compilation CD which includes both  demos of our HELLAVENGER band: "Lord of the Burning Abyss" (Intro+3 tracks released in 2018) and "The Primordial Flame" (2 tracks released in 2021). It contains Lyrics for all songs plus a biography and some photos.  In case you are not familiar with the Sinister sound of our band, here you have a track of our First demo:


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BRUTAL ASSAULT 2023 August 9 – 12, 2023 | fortress Josefov, CZ 4 days – 5 stages – 130 bands – horrorcinema – exhibitions

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GHOST-Lost Of Mercy CD/DVD Coming Soon 2022



Alas, some of the planned interviews aren’t featured at all…and what is most annoying here, is the very fact a number of people DID promise to answer our questions and then they just bailed…like Yosuke (NWN) who has, again, showed how much he truly supports the underground. I was also hoping to get my questions answered by Inferno (BEHEMOTH). It didn’t happen either. Well, if you talk the talk, walk the walk…yet, still, Armando from MYSTIFIER is my biggest disappointment.
He has allegedly been an ardent fan of SARCOFAGO; at first, he was very enthusiastic about the whole idea and so on. But in the end, I wasted a couple of months trying to get his answers sent over to me. C`mon guys, this sort of behaviour is lame as fuck. I spent a lot of time and energy working on my questions, to make them as interesting as possible, and the interviewees have just tossed those questions out. Well, fuck off to you!
Special Thanks
Cristiano Passos, Paweł Wojtowicz, José Luis Cano Barrón,Mariusz Majchrzak, Michał Hęciak, Wagner Antichrist Moura Lamounier, Gerard Incubus Mineli- SARCOFAGO, Josué Soares da Silva Júnior-BODE PRETO, Irn -GREYHAZE RECORDS ,ROCK BRIGADE,METAL MAGAZINE, Zeder Butcher Gonçalves do Patrocínio ex -SARCOFAGO, Charlie Curcio,Armando- ex SARCOFAGO/ HOLOCAUSTO , Manuel Hemriques- UGANGA, ex SARCOFAGO, Fabio Ihzsko- ex SARCOFAGO ,Rcicardo Neves -MUTILATOR, CHAKAL ,Zhema Rodero -VULCANO, Rua Luzitana- EVILCULT
Black Sin and Damnation- GRAVE DESECRATION, Regener Fortes-PANIC, Valério "Exterminator- WAR METAL HOLOCAUSTO Paweł Kaczyński, Przemysław Bukowski, Wanderley Perna -GENOCIDIO, Armando Pereira -MARQUEE RECORDS, INTO THE CAVE, Reinaldo Resan-INSULTER, Luiz Carlos Louzada- GOAT NECROPSY ,Johannes Chan- DESTRUKTION RECORDS ,Rodrigo --HELLAVENGER/ABISMO RECORDS)
I would like to thank all who have helped us create this very issue of Oldschool Metal Maniac. Without your help, this A Tribute to Sarcofago would never become a reality.


Well, early next year, we plan to start working on “A tribute to BATHORY part II”. This`ll be the 25th issue of our Oldschool Metal Maniac Magazine.
We do want this issue to be as unique as possible and therefore we shall focus all of our efforts and energy on this very subject.
So, don’t be surprised to see our activities limited to our website only (
Before the end of 2022, you can expect A tribute to SARCOFAGO (in September, 160 pages of pure cult, in English) as well as another issue of OMMM (in Polish) in Novem

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MORBID INSANE- Sicken Crazy/No Future Coming Soon 2022



 Well, if any of you guys have got any interesting stuff related to BATHORY and you feel like sharing this with us, please email us right away. We are looking for any reviews, interviews, articles and so on… dealing with BATHORY and which aint featured in “A Tribute to Bathory part I”.
In other words, the more stuff we get, the more Part II will feature in result.
And trust me on this: we want this part II to be at least as awesome as part I.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

Oldschool Metal Maniac # XXIII A Tribute To Sarcofago Coming Soon 2022


GRAVE DESECRATOR Immundissime Spiritus (Xaninho Produçoes) 2023

Ok, so, while I enjoyed DESTROYER 666`s new album in December last year, I was also more than sure there wouldn’t be a better album than “Never Surrender”. Lo and behold, some months have passed we can enjoy another bestial release, spawned right in the hell`s bowels.
“Immundissime Spiritus” is devilish to the bone, I just cannot fathom these GRAVE DESECRATOR fellows were not helped by the Lord of Hell Himself when recording these songs. Well, the very first seconds of “Necromantical Hex” knock you down pretty well and you have to stay knelt! The album`s untamed fury destroys all that is sacred.
Truly frantic music, this one, it literally whips ya with its sheer intensity. You feel like you are in the middle of a true carnage, with blood all over and pieces of blood-soaked human flesh. This slow agony announces that unavoidable death is naigh. So, this sort of opening track can mean one thing and one thing only: total fucking destruction. An awesome song, this one, one of my favourites. “Death Misery Ecstasy” is like a crowbar blow to your head.
Fast and brutal, no time to take a deep breath.
Pure Mayhem! So damn blasphemous, this song, been years since I have listened to a more barbaric cut. And these frantic guitar solos! Like a nail hammered right in your skull.
“Finis Hominis” is, surprisingly, starting off quite slowly but be not fooled. All hell breaks loose really soon – what a bulldozing blow! “Missa Pro Defunctis” is another perfect track on this album – and this album is indeed possessed by Devil himself. This is the tribute to Wojciech Kilar and his “The Ninth Gate” movie soundtrack.
It all matches perfectly, creating a good atmosphere for us to prepare for “Fogo Fátuo” - this song must crush live, it will disembowel and leave the site full of human remains and entrails. Unspeakable evil and mass destruction all over.
This is pure evil, and it comes as no surprise the band decided to make a video for this song (
I am sure your life will be different after watching this video.
“Occult Bewitchment” starts off with some acoustic guitar parts building up a truly ghastly atmosphere…it oozes from your loudspeakers like the last vestiges of your life. This song is so remarkable, very memorable and very alluring too. Of course, there are plenty of fast, merciless parts too; a nice slab of sonic horror, indeed.
“Opus Diaboli to Miasma” is another awesome track – and I will tell you something, don’t expect some nice lullaby here, just a merciless, blood-soaked attack on all that is sacred. This is a lethal, truly deadly song. “Fuck the Dead” is GG ALLIN`s cover song and this version is just excellent.
GRAVE DESECRATOR has transformed this song so well, it is very, very enjoyable... fuck, I love music like this.
“Rapists from the Cross” is a good example of what good music can do to you. Yeah, this song is like a hurricane, devouring everything in its path…all life! “Whited Sculpture” is like last rites – a breath of death just moments before human carrion gets immolated. It took me a while to come to after this stunning album was over…the dose of devilishness is just overwhelming.
After SARCOFAGO disbanded, there have been no bands brutal enough to take over. In my view, GRAVE DESECRATOR is an ardent worshipper of SARCOFAGO`s legacy, the legacy which I hope shall not be forgotten. Both bands, who have contributed to the Brazilian scene are amazing to say the least, and I think that GRAVE DESECRATOR have managed to fuel the fire ignited by Wagner’s crew years ago.
And perhaps made their music even more extreme, more devilish – this matches their music so well. To me, for years, GRAVE DESECRATOR`s “Insult” was their “Opus Diaboli”. Now, I think “Immundissime Spiritus” is their best stuff.
I am 666% sure of it. And what is better, they are still active, on the way up! Well, “Dust to Lust” was out 9 years ago, but it's really nice that the album GD have aced their music so well. In result, we have this very devilishness of theirs, bloody and blasphemous the way it should be; so filthy that even God`s presence has started to wane.
But I am sure that this album, in Hell itself, is Satan’s favourite. Cause Satan has partaken in creating this music.
Oh, and the layout was done by Alexandre Moicano from Brazil. Xaninho Produçoes is the band`s label in Brazil, well, they are still not signed to any label in Europe, USA and Asia by the way. 
The current line-up is as follows: Butcherazor (vox/guitar), Black Sin and Damnation (guitar) and M. Kult (drums), their new live bassist is Nathan Wicked (POISONOUS/SUTURA), that will be replacing Sub Umbra (who left the band due to personal issues

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RISEN PROPHECY- Into The Valley of Hinnom CD Metal On Metal 2015

Another gem from the Italian label Metal on Metal. UK`s RISEN PROPHECY is back, after five years, with their second full length album. This is one of the more interesting bands this label has to offer, the label which has a good eye for valuable bands. And RISEN PROPHECY is a valuable band, for sure. It is dynamic thrash metal with a lot of Power influences. Boss Oliver`s powerful guitars keep as amazed again and again, cutting with their razor sharp riffs; solos are just breathtaking, the sound is just overwhelming. Plus, a very distinct vocal turns this material in a really explosive mixture. So the outcome is like this: a very interesting piece of music. And the music from “The Valley of Hinnom” is, indeed, unique. Here, you may find unusually complex songs, it all is perfectly balanced, and every single element is well hearable. The self-complementing instrumentarium of every band member is definitely noticeable. the rhythm section of Ben Olivier Bass and James Chalton is this album`s fuel. It all sounds very clear yet still filthy and rough. Too, Dan Tyren`s powerful vocal is this album`s bright point. There are no weak points here in this album, it all is just super tight and compact. The songs` amazing atmosphere is abundant with different moods. There are some calm moments, and there are some really wild ones. These 36 minutes of music is not enough, really. We need more. this stuff for maniacs into ICED EARTH, FORBIDDEN or UK`s SABBAT. Yeah, RISEN PROPHECY is cleverly influenced by these bands and they do not copy them mindlessly, oh no! Keep an eye on this talented band as they`ll show you again what they`re capable of! LWS

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