IMPERATOR Ceremonies from Beyond Time CD/DVD Coming Soon 31.X. 2019

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Thrashing Madness Coming Soon 2019


Thrashing Madness Coming Soon 2019




MORTIFY- Abyssal/ The Calm Beyond CD Coming Soon 2019

MORTIFY`s debut album Abyssal, absolute classic of Polish death metal, after long 26 years, will finally get a proper cd reissue in March 2019. This editionfeatures The Calm Beyond demo (1993) as bonus. MORTIFY stand for awesome death metal, heavily inspired by early DEICIDE albums, and after so many years, they still crush! Hard to believe this unique recording has not been re-issued yet to please death metal fans out there. Originally, Abyssal was released on tape format only by Morbid Noizz Records so this year`s re-issue is the first time you can listen to this collector`s piece from cd.


Thrashing Madness News


Heavy New year 2019

Dear Metal Maniacs
On behalf of our „Oldschool Metal Maniac” crew I wish You many exellent shows, tons of old-school music on vinyls and a lot of creativity and passion. Let yerar 2019 be better in many ways than an average one.


More bands for Brutal Assault  2019 EMPEROR and BATUSHKA to the line-up of next Brutal Assault festival.Brutal Assault  EMPEROR and BATUSHKA to the line-up of next Brutal Assault festival. 

PartySan Fest 2019


Oldschool Metal Maniac News

I am very sorry to inform you the XVI issue of Oldschool Metal Maniac we are currently working on is the last one before a one year break. We resume our work after that. The new number will be out in the first quarter of 2019.


John Corabi 2019 Tour