Out of the bottomless darkness looms an eternal dread to announce that Chilean HELLAVENGER`s debut album is upon us. This music is awash in pure evilness…it pulsates menacingly, providing these hymns with unsettling energy. To resist this power is not possible, for this storm of devilishness shall easily possess, enslave and imprison your souls.

A slimy creature slithers over an altar of human skulls and bones. It yearns for human souls… The sound of infernal trumpets announces that the apocalyptical beast is come; it awoke in the deepest abyssal pits after centuries of feeding on human nightmares.

Pulsating darkness, like deadly whispering, summoned by ancient spells heralds that the dark album by HELLAVENGER – “The Primordial Fire” has finally arrived. The black flame has been started at the altar of the Hell Lord. The sky becomes covered with bloody crimson, the earth has opened itself to let the filth crawl out and feed on unspeakable fear of innocent beings.

Hell itself has answered to the call of Dark Priests…they practise bloody rituals in the dungeons of ancient crypts to call the name of The One who boldly holds the banner of evil in his hands. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rodrigo Hellavenger, the master of all Evil:


Hi Rodrigo, how are you?


- Hi Leszek, everything is fine here, in a cold day in Santiago while listening to SAMAEL – “Ceremony of Opposites” album.


When we last talked about HELLAVENGER, you were working on your compilation cd featuring two demos – “Lord of the Burning Abyss” and “The Primordial Flame.” Well, it didn’t take long for you guys to churn out a brand-new album called “The Primordial Fire”– self-released on tape in March 2023. Can you please tell us some more about this tape?


- Yes, that Demos compilation CD through your Thrashing Madness label was done in a very smooth and quick manner, and we are very satisfied about the result. I think it has helped us to show our Evil music in a wider range of Metal maniacs in Poland, Europe and the rest of the world, so thank you! We recorded our Debut album last year which took a lot of sessions and hard work to come up with the final version for a master to be put onto tape. This Independent version is intended to be shared with our close circle just to show our new Primordial Black Metal tracks in the most honest way. It is also used as promotional stuff to send to labels which could be interested to release other versions and some zines that could support our Dark Art.



Well, the first thing that needs to be discussed here is the album`s production – it is much better and clearer than previous stuff`s; yet, the demo quality made these songs' previous versions sound much filthier. Sure, this stuff still oozes of sulphur and tar but it is much clearer, hey. Did this sound change take place on purpose or what?


- Of course, it is always “a thing” to move from a demo sound to an album production because much better equipment is used and, as well, much more hours of sound engineering are spent. I think this is a natural improvement when a band wants to achieve a more powerful, dark and violent sound. Also, the demo tracks and everything about that happened in a period between 2011 and 2018 while the album was recorded in 2022, so the differences will be perceived in both sound and musical aspects. However, the Message, which is the most important thing, remains through the same Abyssal path.


Where did you record “The Primordial Fire”? Tell us about the studio and so on.


- This time we recorded in a studio called Mad Arabian studios where Bliol, the owner, is a professional sound engineer which has lot of experience with his own bands (GORHOTH, CEREMONIAL, EUTANASIA, etc.) and other good albums which have been recorded with his support. We had several meetings with him previously to start the recording phase because we needed to agree on a morbid vision about how we wanted our album to sound like. After this definition we agreed on the equipment to be used (amps, effects, mics, etc.) and scheduled the agenda where all the recording must happen.


The recording session took place (with breaks) between February and November 2022, right? Why so long, if I may ask? Are you happy with the final outcome?


- The recording sessions took place during the early months of the year only. We first recorded the drums, then both guitars, the bass, the vocals and finally the solos. What took more time to finish this process was the mixing and mastering phases, because some difficulties to agree on agendas to make them faster and, also, we had to have several versions before band approvals.

We are proud of the outcome for this Independent Cassette version and we hope that Devil worshippers who listen to the Album can appreciate it as well. Nevertheless, we still need to work in some adjustments in the mix/master for the upcoming versions in other formats for labels that could be interested in this release.


I have blasted “The Primordial Fire” a couple of times already and I am under the impression that your style has changed. It is still very original but a bit different from the demo stuff. Would you agree? I would say this time, your music is much more brutal and intense, huh?


- As we defined our style as Primordial Black Metal we can move within different sounds and approaches over this Mystical genre. When I created the tracks for the “Lord of the Burning Abyss” demo I wanted to praise honor to the first inception of the sound that VENOM created in the first half of the ‘80s. With this Debut Album, we developed our Sinister path with much more violent and dark aspects as it we have moved between 1986 and 1991, a period from where many classic recordings inspired us in the composition of the songs. So, because of this, you should perceive more intensity, obscurity and violence throughout the album.


I am aware of the fact that creating music means searching for one`s own music identity. With each and every new release a band gets nearer to the moment in which they can say – hey this is our own, unique style. When it comes to HELLAVENGER, well, I think I can hear a lot of progress in your music, but you seem not to be too sure which path you guys will follow in the future. What do you say?


- We are very clear about the Sinister path we want to follow and, as mentioned in the previous question, it is called “Primordial Black Metal”. This means that in the future you could hear First Wave or Second Wave Black Metal moments adding Death Thrash elements which have always been a big inspiration for us. As you know me for so many years, you know that I am a fuckin’ obsessed maniac for all the Metal recordings which sound evil and dark so you could notice this obsession in very different manners through the album tracks. I think that is good, because we don’t reach an “obvious” result and every song has its own charm. In other words, our Devil Art is like a Horror Movie, where you have lot of different scenes but in the end, they are part of the same Film with the same Macabre message.


Hey, can you elaborate on each song this album features? What are the lyrics all about? Which track is your favourite?


- I would prefer that all lyrics part can be explained once the new versions of the album are available. At this moment, I can only say that the whole album talks about topics like: the search of the Power of the Occult, the Serpent and its poison, the Doom over mankind, invocations of the spirits from Beyond, the conquest of Lands beyond the Abyss, the triumphant procession of our Iron Legion and other funeral stories. I don’t have a favorite track as I use to listen to the whole album in a round. I also want to highlight the amazing works of the two Metal maniacs that created the intro and interludes featured in the Album: one of them is Synod from the GRABUNHOLD band in Germany (great BM band btw), I entered in contact with him thanks to Andreas Condemptor from BAXAXAXA. The other maniac that helped us is Daren from Poland, who played in great bands like HOLY DEATH and MGLA, I must thank you again Leszek for providing me with his contact.


There is some Polish element featured in this stuff too, right?


- Yes, as mentioned in the previous answer, Daren “Neradiza” composed two of the great intros featured on the album.


Ok, it might sound like a premature question, but what has the response to “The Primordial Fire” been so far?


- We have already distributed some copies of the cassettes here in Chile and most of the feedback we have received have been very good, in terms of the sound and production of the tape. We have sent several parcels to our close allies in other countries, so we expect that our poison will start burning people's veins in the most Perpetual way very soon.


Can you spill the beans a bit and tell me how many tapes you guys have sold so far? How many copies have you made in total?


- The Independent release consist of 150 copies of a tape production completely made in Chile, which meant a great satisfaction but, at the same, lot of headaches because all the delays and few details that are always found due to the, sometimes, lack of a professional attitude on the works of the people within the UG here. Anyway, the response towards the cassette has been good until now so we really hope to get a good contract with some other labels. In general terms, most of the copies have been given to our contacts in Chile and abroad as a gift because of their comradeship and constant support to the band. Few copies were sold to people in Chile to recover some of the investment we spent but, in the end, the most important thing for us is to show our music in Physical format, without ANY internet/virtual support or promotion until now. We strongly believe that this is almost the only way to do something different and against the system in a world where people have the urge to show every single step or idea in the Virtual/Fake world.


This album is out on tape. If I get it right, you guys are going to release it on LP and CD in Europe, Asia, USA? Any interest from any labels so far? Or is it too early to ask?


- Not sure Leszek, we are still in the physical distribution phase, this means that we still need to send all remaining copies and then wait for the response of the owners of labels who receive the tape. So then, the deals will depend on their impressions of our Album after they listened to it on their cassette players and how fluent the offers and communications are conducted. I must say that there are some labels already interested but patience is the greatest virtue we need to practice on a daily basis. As you see, we are trying to do everything in the most UG way, the same way followed by the Old legends before the internet pushes everything as an “instant click”. I know that perhaps it is completely outdated and slower compared to how most of the bands promote their music nowadays through virtual platforms, but we strongly believe that there is NO better experience than receiving a cassette, put it in your stereo and listen to the entire stuff for the first time while looking at the cover and reading the track list. This is the Spirit of the Evil One in our minds and we will worship this forever!!!


Some HELLAVENGER members are involved in FORCE OF DARKNESS too. Does it affect your live shows in any way? Are HELLAVENGER going to play some tours in order to promote this new stuff? If so, where can your fans expect to see you guys?


- We have prioritized the musical compositions and recordings with our band therefore we have not played in any show yet, although we have been invited to some concerts in the past. Our main purpose is to transcend with our evil recordings and deliver our powerful message through them, however, we are starting to plan rehearsals of a setlist in case we are invited to play live in a future Satanic Ritual where other bands and atmosphere are the proper ones.


HELLAVENGER `s music is very awash with this peculiar devilishness. Tell me what your inspirations are when it comes to writing such devilish music, huh? Man, when I listen to this album I can sense the Horned One is close...


- After becoming Possessed as a teenager and almost three decades dedicated to the listening of Dark and Evil stuff, I think we only need to find the way to express our poison inside the best way we can, and this means that frequent practice of our instruments is required. At the same time, it is also mandatory to keep walking the Left-Hand Path and avoid all the lies, traps and chains that Global Manipulators use to force the people to obey their rules like innocent lambs. You know, the NWO agenda is advancing everywhere with its multiple attacks (the global virus was one of the hardest ones) so, for me, to collect Metal music and attend Metal concerts/fairs is not enough to confront the dirty game they play. We must become Warriors, perhaps not the perfect ones but at least we should do our best by learning history and occult themes, keep healthy and strong, and not follow every stupid trend imposed by politicians or people in power. We know that nowadays the rainbow flag, political correctness and cancellations are as disgusting and dangerous as the Christian cross and its followers so beware of falling in their traps!


When we take a closer look at the Chilean scene, one thing becomes obvious. A lot of Chilean bands have got this unique dose of devilishness in their music. You know, as if these bands were born with the devil`s mark. This is so unique and natural, man, I tell you. Why is it like this?


- Well, I wouldn’t go that far about a “Devil’s mark” in the Current Chilean bands. Although there are a lot of them that sound violent and dark, play with good technique and have cool live performances, I’m not sure if all of them really have the Devil branded in their souls (and this applies not only to Chilean bands, of course). What happens in Chile is that our country has been a Social experiment for decades and that is why so many people, including metalheads, hate everything related to authorities. And for the worst, the greedy politicians from left and right wings are always trying to take advantage of this and wash some old and young people's brains infecting them with their pathetic ideologies of a “better country”. This has infected in a so hard manner in the last years that polarization because of political affinities on the population, including Metal scene, is beyond any sense. I think that could resume why Metal has served as a weapon for so many bands to express the disconformity, frustration and anger against all that is imposed by the force. On the other hand, musically speaking, I think nowadays it is easier than before to search for legendary recordings and replicate an “Underground” sound but, at the same time and IMHO, most of the bands are really lost regarding a radical message that should be spread instead of abusing clichés. In the early years of Metal, bands tried to express something unique in both musical and lyrical aspects against what shitty things were happening in Society, to demonstrate the opposition against Religion and Moral laws and that was demonstrated in the lyrics and also in the Visual appearance. After more than 40 years since then, the historical context has changed a lot, but the rulers of the world are the same and, unfortunately, the acceptance of the new digitalization era has blinded most of the rebel souls which are part of the Worldwide metal scene. Nowadays, I see most of the people involved in Metal activities affected by a compulsive consumerism to buy every stuff labeled as a “must”. It’s sad but people keep buying and buying instead of listening and thinking and then spending tons of hours feeding their egos on virtual platforms by showing every single private moment of their lives. And regarding Metal concerts, I think that a grand majority go just to get completely drunk and record videos with their phones instead of banging their heads and appreciating the complete shows.

Being said that, what I am trying to bring and preserve are some of the most important Traditions in the Underground and they are: to try to become stronger every day, to understand who the fuck are the actual enemies in your life and to avoid to be blinded by the False Light.


 You have been part of the metal scene for years. You are also an ardent music fan too. Tell me what bands have impressed you recently? Any good, promising Chilean bands you wish to recommend to us?


- You know that I am always looking for obscure stuff from the past and the present. As per old discoveries, some trades and re-releases have brought very good stuff to my ears such as: BACKOUT (BEL), ZONA MORTA (BRAZIL), TERMINATOR (POL), FATA MORGANA (CZE), AZAZEL (POL), OBLIVION (USA, NY), MISERY (SWI), S.F.H (CAN), DEAD CHRIST (UK), DEMACRATOR (PAN), O.T.T. (USA) among many others. As per International acts from the current times, I follow the work of UG bands such as GLASNIK SMRTI (SERBIA), SIJJIN (GER), CAIXÃO (POR), BAXAXA (GER), NECROCARNATION (ARG/GER), GOAT TYRANT (POL), TRUPI SWAD (POL), MALOKARPATAN/KROLOK (SVK), CRYPS OF WALLACHIA (BEL), MOONCITADEL (FIN), DEUS MORTEM (POL), AZAXUL (GER), CONTUMACY (PER), OATH OF CRUELTY (USA), RADIATION (SVK). OBROK (BUL) and tons more. In regards of bands from my country that I support and know that are working on new stuff or have recent releases out I can name: ABISMA, MALIGNANT ASCETICISM, PACTO AMEN, SOUL’S PYRE, ORACULUM, SCIENTIAM TEMPLUM, INVOCATION, NECROPHOROS, ORION, ROTTEN TOMB, KERASFORA, IMPURO GRAL, INSURREXION, BLACK BEAST...there are more of course but they escape to my mind now.


Well, so, “The Primordial Fire” is out. What should I wish you guys as far as this stuff is concerned?


- We really hope to find a Label to release our Album in other versions and that it can help us with good promotion and distribution within the Ultimate Underground maniacs throughout the world, because, honestly, this Album was recorded with our entire guts and burning dark souls!

Our email contact is:  Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.


Time to wrap up, I guess. Thanks a lot for your time and your answers. Any last words for our old school metal maniac readers?

Take care.

- As always, my eternal gratitude for your comradeship and constant support to my bands and projects through the years. I would urge to the OMM readers to keep supporting Old School Metal maniac zine and Thrashing Madness records and to stay alert about the HELLAVENGER news when, hopefully, our Album is out and available through other labels. And as last Call: Be part of our Iron Legion and enter the Burning Abyss! We need Evil Warriors to keep fighting against all Manipulations! Primordial Black Metal is the only Law!!! In Nomine Satanas HELLAVENGER



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Teutonic metal is doing fine these days, no doubt. If you need proof, well, you go listen to KNIFE`s excellent, self-titled debut album…ok,

lads and ladies, this is KNIFE from the German town of Marburg:



Hello. Some time ago Florian sent me your debut, self-titled album from. This stuff kills, I must say, congratulations on awesome music!
Thanks a lot, glad you enjoy it. We put a lot of effort in the debut album and we’re happy that 
people seem to dig it. It is time for real metal to reclaim the throne.
Well, as I can see you used up the COVID time really productively. I am sure you rehearsed a lot before recording and releasing your debut album, huh?
We mainly used the pandemic to write the songs and plan the release and basically did not have a lot of time to rehearse once the album was scheduled. Luckily, we all have more or less experience in recording so the songs and the recordings turned out great. But still we are 
sure the next record will be even more METAL because we became tighter due to the shows 
we have already played.
These days, there are fewer and fewer bands who rehearse together. Yes, I understand that some bands` members live very far away from each other but otherwise I think that`s weird. 
There’s nothing better for a band than to get together to rehearse and create their music; jamming with each other. Otherwise, music somewhat lacks emotions…and I would say 
while rehearsing a lot of great ideas can be found as well! What do you think about it?
I totally agree, even though we usually meet after Laz has already some ideas for the choruses and verses and I have already prepared parts of the lyrics. But of course the arrangements, the feeling and the energy only emerges when we play together and thus steadily improve.
Your music adds “fuel to the fire” of the archaic, metal tradition. So that this amazing genre shall never be forgotten. Was that your aim when you formed KNIFE?
You nailed it. It is quite simple: our aim is to deliver the energy of the first wave of Black Metal, the rawness of Punk and the power and melody of Heavy and Speed Metal. True Metal is supposed to be 
played to crowds of maniacs with a passion for our music and this is what we want to do.
This album stands for a solid dose of old school metal, the way I love it! And man, I was so surprised to learn KNIFE formed just in 2019. How hard is it to play music like this, these days?
Thank you, mate. As mentioned before, we took a lot of time to prepare everything. For whatever reasons we were fortunate enough to release our music more or less directly after the first recordings. 
I think that it always depends on what your band wants to achieve. Our main goal is to play fuckin’ fast a raw Speed Metal. If we sell records or not, or if we play in front of 5 or 500 people. It is the 
music that drives us. So to us playing Metal is not hard, it’s just what we do.
Well, I am trying to figure out what bands are your main inspirations? Any names?
As our “Slasher” on the album cover shows, to of our main influences are VENOM and IRON MAIDEN and I think this summarizes it quite well. But of course bands such as MOTÖRHEAD, JUDAS PRIEST, 
SLAYER, KREATOR, SODOM, BATHORY, GBH, RAMONES, ENTOMBED, AGENT STEEL, VAN HALEN, WHIPLASH, TURBONEGRO or W.A.S.P.. are among our influences. I guess that all bands we listen to leave their marks in the KNIFE sound.
Your full-length album was recorded at Fat Knob Studio. Can you please tell us some more about the recording session? How did it go? How much time did you spend recording these songs?
The recordings were done by our drummer Ferli in his Fat Knob Studio. After starting with the drums we added the rest of the instruments and Ferli and Laz spent a lot of time to find the right sound of the album. It was important to capture the energy. If you read the name KNIFE you know what to expect. And this is what we wanted to have.
 Before the debut album was out, you guys released some eps including two tapes (“Black Leather Hounds” and “Locked In”). Tell us now, why you decided to release these on tape? 
Don’t you think that tapes are old-school to the bone?
When we started the band we wanted to give the people a first glance of what to expect when the KNIFE is risen. I think playing in an old school band requires an old school recording medium.
 We did not want to do an online release only. We wanted to give the underground a nice release, something to enjoy and collect. It did not make sense to release a CD or a 7 inch vinyl. So we wanted the first 
releases to be something special. We’ll hopefully release the album on tape as well.
Well, apparently, a lot of people were interested in buying your tapes. Weird, right?I mean because tapes are just getting popular again, it wasn’t like this for a long time. What do you think about it? I can understand fans are into vinyls (quality of sound) but tapes, huh?
We were really surprised that the tapes sold quite well from the beginning. The second edition of the “Black Leather Hounds” was sold out within a few hours. Insane! Of course the best medium for our kind of music is the vinyl but I think that a tape is nice collectible but not really a serious medium for the perfect sound.
Your image is totally traditional and the way it used to be – that is, an integral part of music. This is sad that there are so many bands these days who forget about it. They usually create 
good, interesting music but they look, at the same time, like a bunch of pussies. Why? Wasn’t  like this in the past, that’s for sure!
 think it is two-edged sword. Wearing denim and leather obviously is a kind of an image but this is just the way we think a Metal band should look like. Come on, it can’t be any better. Chains and Leather forever! 
I do not really get why new bands do not care about their image. To us, Metal is a way of living and we want to convey this image to the people. But some even care TOO much and focus more on “looking 80s” than being authentic. A mustache and a mullet do not automatically make people Metal.To me, metal music has always been strictly associated with somewhat kitschy looking 
layout/front covers. Well, paradoxically, that has always helped to make bands more recognizable.
 Don’t you think that your front cover fits this pattern as well?
I hope so, hehe. The photos and artworks are very important. If you have a cover like ours people know what to expect: the grimness of steel! The artwork is obviously influenced by some of our 80s faves so we also wanted to pay homage to the old Gods of Iron. 
Maybe you can identify the different artworks that had an impact on the “Knife” artwork. Last year, you released another tape cassette titled “Sounds of Sacrifice”. It features three 
different songs titled “Sacrifice”. Two of these belong to VENOM and BATHORY and one is your own. That’s a good idea to compile all three songs together, tell me how did you get the idea of such a release?
I am not really sure how the idea emerged. I guess it came up while listening to these ancient gods. Our song “Sacrifice” was originally entitled “Sound of Sacrifice”. At some point we discussed the fact 
that there are several songs with that title. So we decided to cover them and make a fine compilation. 
By the way, the live video of the “Sounds of Sacrifice” session was shot on Cronos’ birthday. Nice coincidence. Originally we planned to include MOTÖRHEAD’s “Sacrifice” as well, but it did not fit the atmosphere. 
And it is also not that easy to play, hehe.
For many fans, to be inspired by other bands aint a problem. For instance, Quorthon claimed he had not been inspired by VENOM which is not true since there are a lot of similarities between these two bands: VENOM and BATHORY, right? 
On the flip side, Quorthon removed any “funny” elements from this genre, he indeed planted the seed of darkness in this sort of music and thus this genre`s level of extremism became much higher. Well, if you were to choose which one was better, BATHORY or VENOM what would be your choice?
You’re right. I never understood why Quorthon claimed that he was not influenced or at least inspired by Venom. But thinking about which band is better...puh, that is a tough choice. Well, as you said, BATHORY brought the true darkness into Metal but I really dig the “Fuck you”-attitude of VENOM’s irst three records. On the other hand we also have the epic BATHORY records...Holy hell...well, I think VENOM would be my choice, at least when just considering the impact (and their three first records and singles).You videoed the whole “Sounds of Sacrifice” session.
 Can you please elaborate on this topic a little bit?
We were tired of all these bands doing these high quality “live in the studio” sessions. People in their everyday clothes playing music with “good” sound and so on. Our video is the antithesis to these 
videos. It should just show four Metalheads in a nasty rehearsal space, sacrificing their souls to the Gods of Rock N Roll! 
Do you have any other videos part from “Sounds of Sacrifice”?
After the lyric video for “Black Leather Hounds”, we shot the first video “Sword Loser” for the release of the “Black Leather Hounds” tape. We wanted to give the people who did not get a copy of the tape the chance to enjoy our music. There are also two videos to the songs “Chromium Prayer” and “K.N.I.F.E.” but they are rather visualizers. The second real video clip is “Inside the Electric Church” followed by “Behold the Horse of War”.Well, time is flying by so quick, right? I am sure you guy are working on some new songs. 
Are you going to release any new stuff this year? How will these new songs compare to what we already know?
We were busy writing songs during the winter and they will be released later this year. They still follow the tradition of the first album. Fast, raw, aggressive Speed Metal Punk. In your face. 
You guys are involved in other bands beside KNIFE, right? Can you please tell us some more about this topic a little bit?
Laz and I used to play together in an Action Rock band for more than 20 years. This band went on hiatus. Ferli is involved in several other bands such as CARNAL GHOUL and MILKING THE GOAT MACHINE. But currently we are all focusing on KNIFE
Well, after two years of no live shows, the situation seems to be improving! Plenty of summer fests are going to take place this year. So, you guys are playing at Wacken this year, huh? That’s really nice. Excited? Where else are you going to play live this year?
It is really weird to get the chance to play Wacken. I was there in 2000 and watching VENOM among other great bands. And now we will be there to play. Amazing. We are really excited. This is going to 
be great. We will play some great festivals this summer like the Basinfest in Czech Republic, Pitfest in the Netherlands and Rock Hard Festival in Germany. At the end of this year we will play a 4 dates show with SODOM. Hell yeah!
Well, I am not sure if you know of the very wild, truly possessed fans here in Poland. So, when are you guys going to come over and play live in Poland?
We hope to come to Poland as soon as possible. We’ve already received some messages. Hopefully we will come to you maniacs this autumn. We’ll work on that.
I know you are now busy with your debut album recording session. How is this process going? Any issues? 
Can you please elaborate a little on your new album?
We were busily recording new material the last winter and we can’t wait to unleash hell upon the headbanging hordes. Unfortunately I can not tell you more about it, but you can be sure that it will blow your speakers like the debut album did. Be prepared for an overdose of KNIFE Metal.
Like, you know, how many songs it will feature, the album`s title, what’s the name of the studio and who is the producer/sound engineer?
We decided to record the new album in the Fat Knob Studios again, with Ferli being the producer. The album title as well as the song titles and all the other important information will be published very 
soon. There are still many things in progress. Stay tuned
When is it supposed to be released? Is Dying Victims going to be your label again? 
The new album will be released via Napalm Records sometime this year. We still can’t give further information.
Can you please tell us more about the video clip you are making? Thanks.
The only thing I can tell you is that you can expect a tribute to the ancient Gods of Steel
Right, time to wrap up, I guess. Anything to add, any last words for our old school metal maniac mag readers?
Thanks, and take care.
First of all, thank you for the interview. And of course thanx to all the bangers you supported us. We hope to play Eastern Europe very soon. Until then, stay clean and do not forget to raise the fuckin’ 
KNIFE! Cheers.

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DEATH STRIKE Interview 2023


So, here we have an enjoyable chat with Paul Speckmann about DEATHSTRIKE and some other things.

To me, all of the bands (MASTER, ABOMINATION, SPECKMANN PROJECT) he has been/is involved in are killer.

Furious death/thrash with plenty of aggressiveness and awesomeness. Plain and fucking simple. If you happen to be in Germany this year, go and see DEATHSTRIKE live.

They crush. Ok, read on.



Hi Paul, how are you doing?

- Doing great, just returned from Germany from playing a great festival called Taunus Metal Festival, it reminded me of why I like the underground so much brother!

Nothing like this kind of atmosphere to keep a crazy old man like me in the scene!

Paul, what is the current status of DEATH STRIKE? According to Metal Archives, the band is active. And your label has been Nuclear Blast. Could you please elaborate a little on what is going on these days, what the current line-up is, how often you rehearse and so on?


- It's obvious to anyone out there that this is MASTER, plays DEATHSTRIKE, it's the same lineup at the moment or whatever lineup I choose to play the songs I wrote in 1985 along with Mittelbrun!

And further, what is DEATH STRIKE`s relationship with MASTER? As I can see DEATH STRIKE and MASTER share members with each other (Ruston Grosse and Pat Shea).


- Ruston Grosse and Pat Shea left the band MASTER for personal reasons and reside in the USA these days brother! Pat has become a pilot, and Ruston, teaches drums online and in person in Florida as well as filling in from time to time with famous bands, like in example his next show with INCANTATION! I wish the fellas the best with their lives of course, we had some killer times and made some killer memories together!

Can you please tell us some more about this “Fuckin` Live” album from 2015? What is this Obscene Extreme Asia, by the way?


- Curby and Obscene Extreme here in the Czech Republic had a few international festival shows in Asia and Mexico as well! We were invited to play the Obscene Extreme Festival Asia and one of the three evenings was recorded live!

As I can see you guys are going to be performing at Thrash Nightmare in October 2023 in company with plenty of other awesome bands. I am sure you guys must be pretty excited about it! Wish I could come over and see you play live! How often do you play live yourselves and how often do you go and see other bands play live?


- We are back at it playing 50 or more shows this year, thankfully things have picked up since Covid disappeared here! I look forward to playing shows equally my friend! Once in a while I go to a show to support friends, but as often as we play live, I prefer to visit my own gigs! At 60 years old things change a bit my friend!

I have always wanted to know why DEATH STRIKE`s demo 1985 has been so royally ignored (or maybe let`s say underappreciated) by deathrash fans…a lot of people seem to consider POSSESSED or DEATH as pioneers of death metal but they weirdly tend to forget about MASTER’s demo 1985 (and rehearsal) and DEATH STRIKE`s fucking death from the same year. Or ABOMINATION`s demo 1988!! These demos fucking crush!!!!!! Always have and always will!



- People are sometimes blinded by the truth, the truth often hurts and many time pioneers are forgotten, but we play on and deliver intense concerts frequently so be it!

I live always in the future; the past is somehow meaningless too me now!

Paul, you have been living in the Czech Republic for many years now, right? 23 years now! Can you please tell me whether you feel more American or Czech? Do you speak the Czech language? Have you been Czech`fied and if yes, to what extent (food, mentality and so on)?


- My language skills have much to be desired, but my understanding is better of the Czech language! Obviously for me, this was the best choice I ever made in my life, the beer, the food, and my family here in Czech are the best ever! If, and when I tour America, which is every several years, of course I cannot wait to get back home where I live In Stare Mesto, believe me!

I have no desire to ever return to the USA, unless a decent tour comes up again one day sir!

But how much are you the same guy you were back in Chicago in the mid-80s? Do you still blast metal stuff all day long? Do you still collect music on cd, dub tapes or read zines? Are you still in touch with all the people from your home city who were around when MASTER, DEATH STRIKE or ABOMINATION were (more) active?


- No, the jealous fools who never left Chicago to do another thing can cry all they wish. I made something of myself and don't have time to look back at their failures, good riddance! You would think people would be happy that one of their own made something of themselves, but all they are filled with, is envy! I have certainly changed in some things, I only listen to old Metal stuff, not interested in the newer bands, but this happens when you reach old age! I certainly see a few great younger bands on the road and I wish them the best of course, The Metal must live on!

There have been no new songs since 1991, right? Are you currently working on any new DEATH STRIKE tracks? If yes, are you going to perform these songs at this Thrash Nightmare fest?


- No new songs, this is only a chance for me to share the DEATHSTRIKE-MASTER tracks in their original form and a chance for me to enjoy myself, as the original DEATHSTRIKE lineup lasted a few months and never played a live show together! For that matter also, the original lineup of MASTER played 3 shows together, this is, was the sad reality for the other members! Dreamers they were, and I am still living the dream! Some guys chase women and use too many drugs and fall by the wayside!

Ok, can you please tell us about your plans for 2023. Do you plan to play live at any other fest either in the Czech Republic (apart from the above said fest of course) and abroad? Any chance DEATH STRIKE/MASTER/ABOMINATION fans can see you in Poland?


- DEATHSTRIKE has one more show this year in Germany as well, and anyone who wants to contact the band for a gig in Poland, can write me at Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.

That’s pretty much it, I think. Anything to add. Thanks a lot, and take care.

- I really have also nothing to add here except, as I always say, support the underground and your local scene, this is the way we can continue in Metal! for more info!


 Paweł Wojtowicz

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GRAVE DESECRATOR is Brazil`s one of most interesting bands, me thinks. Formed exactly 25 years ago, they have been pretty active and just provided us with their amazing, brand-new album "Immundissime Spiritus". A good reason for an interview, in my opinion, huh. Lads and ladies, this is GRAVE DESECRATOR`s main man: Butcherazor. Enjoy.



Hello Butcherazor. Well, it has been seven years since “Dust to Lust” was released… a long time, indeed. You surely have taken your time working on your new album, huh?


Butcherazor - Hi Leszek! We've been working on a new album since 2017/18, I think. A long time since "Dust..", many things have happened around here.


Anyhow, I would say these seven years have been very good for GRAVE DESECRATOR. Why? Because we have been provided with a very, very good album. Man, these 10 songs killed me totally, awesome stuff in other words, really!


Butcherazor - Thank you, brother. We've always worked hard on the songs. Not with the interest of revolutionizing something but creating good riffs, different perspectives. It's always a long creative process.


Can you please elaborate on “Immundissime Spiritus”? Where did you record this stuff? What studio?


Butcherazor - The main thing was Black Sin and I talked about what we wanted before writing anything. The idea in GRAVE DESECRATOR has always been to bring the macabre and violence. And we always try to make progress on that. It's like digging a grave deeper and deeper in each album. We've always written separately and put the whole thing together in the studio focusing on the atmosphere we're looking for. This time we record most of the stuff in our homes. Just the drums, some vocals and solos we did in the studio. We chose Tellus Studio in Niterói city, Rio de Janeiro, to record, mix and master. An amazing studio.



You have mentioned that Black Sin is no longer with GRAVE DESECRATOR. Can you please elaborate on this topic a little bit? What happened? Do you have a guy to replace him?


First, he's a good person, a good musician, but in recent years the environment has become very toxic. Emotional exhaustion is normal in any band, ok, the problem is when you leave the band days before several scheduled shows and tell the producers that the band is over. That's the attitude of a rip-off. Well, good luck to the musicians and producers who will be working with him. And yes! We have a new guitarist. A. Círio Sacrilege. A brilliant musician. And let's be clear, it only ends when I decide! I'm the FUCKIN' GRAVE DESECRATOR!


And how much time did it take you guys to get this album recorded? Anything special about the session? How did it go?


Butcherazor - "Immundissime spiritus" was the most painful and time-consuming album to record. For several reasons. And this time we did it without any label support, which made things more complicated. But the most important thing is that we got the result we wanted. This is the best GRAVE DESECRATOR album for me.


Tell us a bit about those last seven years and GRAVE DESECRATOR. Have you had any issues, problems and so on during that time? Has the line-up been changed in any way? What did you use those years for?


Butcherazor - Private problems, work, no money, line-up change, Covid, no money again, line-up change one more time, etc. etc. "Immundissime..." was spawned in chaos and finally this filthy demon will can possess your mind.


You mentioned that this time you guys will be attacking from “multiple directions” so to say. In other words, there`ll be more labels involved. As far as I know the label in Brazil that`ll take care of your album is Xaninho Producoes, how about releasing this stuff in Europe, Asia and the USA? I don’t think there’s going to be any problems cooperating with international record companies, huh? – because this album is simply amazing! Any offers so far?


Butcherazor - Yes, we talked with some labels in Europe and now we are negotiating with a label from Switzerland.


Well, talking about non-Brazilian editions of this album. Do you have any bonus tracks for Asian editions, for instance? You know, these extra songs are sort of mandatory when it comes to Asia. In Japan, FYI, albums are usually delayed but their local editions are usually enhanced with bonus stuff to make fans more interested in particular editions. Or, perhaps, you guys plan to release all the stuff at the same time, both in Europe and USA as well as Asia?


Butcherazor - So far, we have nothing established in Asia. But we don't have any bonuses for that. Everything we've done is on this new album.


So, tell me whether your new album will be paired with any touring all over the world?


Butcherazor - We're going to try to get our music out to as many cities as possible. Mainly for the South American audience. There are many places around here that we should visit.


Your album is going to be out very soon. I am more than sure you are about to start touring in order to promote it, right?


Yes of course. Unfortunately, we had to cancel some shows and reschedule others because of the aforementioned guitarist. But we're going to take this cursed band to as many cities as we can.


I must say I did enjoy your live show in Chorzow (Poland) during your 20 Years of Desecration European Tour 2018. You played live on three occasions here in Poland. And the show in Chorzow killed. Total fucking destruction. So, I do hope you`ll not forget about Poland and you`ll come over to play live again, huh?


Butcherazor - Of course, we will back to Europe again to drink some beers in Poland! haha


Who`s responsible for the new album`s layout and front cover?


Butcherazor - I designed and did all the layout. The cover was made by a friend of mine from Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre "Moicano". He is a great tattoo artist and painter in our city.


I have been blasting your new album on repeat all day and I must say the more I keep pounding these songs the more bulldozing they become. I must say my fave work of yours has been your second album for a long time; but now, I am not that sure which one I prefer most, because “Immundissime Spiritus” is just killer. Tell me how hard it is to maintain this high quality of music and, at the same time, to be able to release such fresh, sincere and honest music, huh?


Butcherazor - I did the same. Ha-ha, I really like what we do. I declare myself a riff maker who seeks to make the most cursed riffs. That's why my god is called Tony Iommi. Ha-ha.


Missa Pro Defunctis” oozes of Wojciech Kilar`s “The Ninth Gate” soundtrack. Is this assumption correct? Do you like Wojciech Kilar?


Absolutely. Wojciech's music was a big influence on this track. I've always wanted to try something that sounds like a band playing as an orchestra. I really liked the result. Oh man, Wojciech Kilar is fucking great! I got to know his music in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's spectacular!


“Immundissime Spiritus” is awash in devilishness. I think that thanks to this dark element your music becomes so omnipotently powerful. Why is it like this, I want to ask? Because darkness is always mysterious, attractive and thus alluring to listeners` imaginations? What are your inspirations when it comes to writing such darkness-suffused music, huh?


Butcherazor - Evil is the answer. Evil is my way. I really don't like cold riffs with boring melodies. I am inspired by the evil I hear in SLAYER, POSSESSED, VULCANO, BLACK SABBATH, etc. A riff that can rip your eyes out, burn your bones and consume your soul. I have hell inside my mind and hell is attractive. And to compose I penetrate this atmosphere. Whether with classical music, experimental films, literature... Check out the Brazilian gothic literature!!!


I suspect you guys are inspired by horror literature and soundtracks. Can you please name some movies and soundtracks that you find really impressive and inspiring?


Everything around can influence me to create music, lyrics, art. It depends on our perspective. I'm not totally chained to horror movies. The world can offer what is more subversive, evil and degrading than any B-movie. It's the weird arts, experimental films and music, controversial literature, that really capture my attention. This is probably not yet so evident in GRAVE DESECRATOR but that's what poisons my mind. I could name several cliché movies and soundtracks that I love, like The Exorcist, The Devil Rides Out, etc etc and composers like Basil Poledouris, Jerry Goldsmith, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, James Bernard, etc. But it's been a while since I've been bewitched by Kenneth Anger movies and stuff like that. And I'm currently obsessed with the films of the Austrian Peter Tscherkassky. I've also been listening to a lot of classical Brazilian composers who are geniuses and totally ignored by most people: Heitor Villa-Lobos and José Maurício Nunes Garcia.


Can you please tell us some more about Brazilian gothic literature you have briefly mentioned? Sounds really interesting to me.


To explain this in the best way I could make an analogy with Brazilian Extreme Metal. We didn't create it but we absorbed a lot of ideas and we created our own style. SARCÓFAGO and SEPULTURA are perfect examples. In the same way, we created in the past a very rich literature. Writers and poets who delved into the abyss of terror and the grotesque in the aesthetics of Gothic literature. Some specialists call our style "Tropical gothic" due to adaptations. The cold and dark place that gave way to a light and sunny environment, but which brings an approach as diabolical as European tales. Álvares de Azevedo, Fagundes Varella, Augusto dos Anjos, Bernardo Guimarães, Cornélio Penna are great influences for me. A few years ago, I became an independent researcher on the history of Rio de Janeiro, I am writing a book about some bizarre and unknown stories and I have found many texts that have influenced me a lot.


Brazil, similar to Poland, is an ultra-roman catholic country, yet the antichristian rebellion is quite popular in both countries. Why?


Butcherazor - Oh no! There is nothing popular here in that sense. We are a minority here and we don't make a fuss. We are not known here. Brazil is still a conservative country and sick with a fever of Christianity. We just got out of a far-right government. A fascist and religious government that many metalheads supported. Brazil is a disgrace and some aspects.


Well, let us talk about your lyrics. What is more difficult to create? Music or lyrics? What does the writing process (of both) look like? I mean do you compose music and then write lyrics or do these two things happen at the same time? How important is inspiration when it comes to writing both music and lyrics? Is it an intentional or spontaneous process?


Butcherazor - Composing riffs or writing lyrics is equally difficult for me. I have no obstacles to create but for me to find exactly what I'm looking for is difficult. I tend to compose riffs first. Riffs are most important to me to create the perfect environment for the lyrics. Finding the idea, everything flows. I dive into different atmospheres for inspiration, with old movies, books, places, etc.


Well, judging by your “Death Misery Ecstasy” I am curious to know if you think that death is the absolute end of a human being?


Butcherazor - This song talks about exactly that. It's an analogy for saying that "death is the end and I'm fine with that". There are no other lives, there is no heaven or hell. And the greatest ecstasy is to be consumed by mother nature.


In general, your lyrics are damn dark. The main motifs, as far as I can tell, deal with blackness, misery, fall of the soul, abyssal depths and bewitching. How did you get inspired to write about such themes? Music, movies or books?


Butcherazor - Everything can be inspiration. I like to read about these topics. "Finis Hominis" for example is inspired by Lord Byron's poem "Darkness" and that title was stolen from a Brazilian movie with the same name and talks about the same things.


What happens to man when the thread of life gets broken? Are we just carrion to be devoured by maggots that help to break down the matter, help to rot the tissue? Or, perhaps, death helps to release the soul from the chains of the material substance? Do you believe in reincarnation in any form?


Butcherazor - If the "other side" existed, some human being from this place would try to market for you. The idea of another life exists only to alleviate your fears and frustrations. There are no proofs for reincarnation. Only decomposition is real!


Heaven and hell according to you? Do these two exist? Judging by what is happening right now on earth, I would say hell is right here, lock stock and barrel. Your opinion on this matter?


Butcherazor - The "hell" is here. Here you will be judged by your actions. The glory and suffering are part of life. Anything beyond that is fantasy.


When we look at human mankind, it is hard to deny that it is us and us only who are responsible for all the evil that has been affecting us. And these wrongdoings aren’t caused by some “devilish whispering”, just the very opposite. It is our internal need to obliterate, it is our destructive nature. But, as some claim we are created to liken gods, well, maybe most of our population has been paying homage to wrong gods then? What do you think?


Butcherazor - These are primitive ideas of every human being. Easy and comforting answers to difficult questions. Creating fables is not a problem. Art is fantasy. But we need maturity to understand the universe as it is.


Is Satan not an artificial creature created by religion to excuse religion`s own crimes? It is much easier to blame the Horned God for anything one would like to, instead of taking responsibility for one`s own wrongdoings and malice – using religion as an excuse?


Butcherazor - Exactly. And using the term "Satan" is perfect symbolism to express revolt against religions and political systems based on it.


How do you imagine Lucifer if you remove all the deformation imposed on him by religious teachings? I mean the Church purposefully created an image of him as a terrifying beast; of hell full of eternal pain and suffering and so on - in order to terrorize and control masses. Or maybe Lucifer is some sort of omnipotent energy that is so deeply intelligent that it can take any form there is and thus become what we indeed want/imagine him to be?


Butcherazor - Lucifer is an idea. And I like it. The symbol of the one who turned against god's laws and built his own world. And if his image terrifies Christians, it sounds much better!


In the past, many heretic groups (including Gnostics) perceived Lucifer as the god of goodness, and Jahve, the demiurge, as the tomb of all evil. Maybe the devil isn’t as bad as people say it actually is, huh?


Butcherazor - The Devil is the law! The Devil represents justice and freedom. The Devil will not judge you by your race or culture. The Devil will accept you regardless of your sexuality. The Devil represents unity between people and revenge against those who attempt against it. Meanwhile Christianity represents racism, xenophobia and ignorance.


On February 10, 2022, the vocalist of legendary KAT, Roman Kostrzewski died. That’s a huge loss for our Polish scene. This band has always been extremely influential and important. Always has and I think always will be. I know you`ve always been a huge KAT fan. Which album is your favourite by the way?


Butcherazor - I'm sorry for your loss. I honestly never followed KAT very much. Our former bassist, Necrogoat, was a really big fan and always talked about it. I remember the album "Metal and Hell". It's a great album. RIP Roman.


Well, that’s about it. Thank you for your time. Anything to add for your ardent fans/readers? Thanks again and take care.


Butcherazor - Thanks to you Leszek for this great interview and to the manic people of Poland. We had a good time there and want to come back often. Follow us on social media and if you like our shit buy our stuff. See you soon! METAL AND HELL!!!

NecronosferatuS/ Pawł Wojtowicz

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I, for one, have never been disappointed with South American bands and, more specifically, the Chilean scene has been providing us with plenty of excellent bands for years. What is even better, the Chilean bands are very keen on creating music deeply rooted in the 80s. If you ask me,

I will tell you these bands are just “stuck” in the golden era of metal and MAYHEMIC is a good example.

True, we talked to MAYHEMIC a couple of issues back but their latest compilation album: “The Darkest Age” as well as their future plans seem like a good reason we talk again with this exceptional band.


1.Hello and how are you? I want to say that this “The Darkest Age” compilation album is a good idea, indeed. You know, to gather up all the stuff and release it as one. And most of these songs aren’t easy to find (well, maybe except for the “Mortuary Feast of Skeletons” ep). Would you agree with me?

Doom: Yes, I think that it was a great opportunity to show all our music to people outside of Chile, specially our “No-Life” demo from 2018, that was only have two limited editions on tape released in Chile and a limited CD-R version in our country as well. I also think that is a good way to end this first years of our career before the release of our first full-length album, it’s like a resume of the first phase of the band.


2.“The Darkest Age” is a good “wrapping up” of your music up till present times. You know, some sort of a summary of what MAYHEMIC has achieved so far. Tell me, how do you see these five years of your band`s activity, in hindsight?

Noctumbra: It has been years of hard work, achievements, and some frustrations. You know, covid brought problems to all of us, and as a band, we faced it just after we lost two members, added to coordination difficulties, we lost practically two years. That aside, Mayhmic's activity flows like his music, fast and cutting off heads.

Doom: I think these years have been quite productive after all, except for the time of COVID obviously. But in this time, we have learned a lot and improved as musicians and as a band. I think that the learning we had with the former members of the band has allowed us to find ourselves more solid and stronger than ever looking to go further and further.


3.“The Darkest Age” stands for your fascination with early KREATOR (I am talking here about their first two albums). So, well, how much do you like KREATOR, huh? It then comes as no surprise that the said compilation features “Dying Victims” by KREATOR, huh? Must have been hard to decide which song to pick out of so many, I am sure of it!

Noctumbra: Kreator has been my favorite band since I became a metal fan, and of course, their early days blow my mind. In the beginning, together with Apocalyptor (former member) we started the band just as a kind of "tribute" to the stage of Kreator from the "Tormentor" demo to “Pleasure to Kil”, and under that framework the first songs were composed. Of course, since we saw in the band as a serious project, we do not allow to limit ourselves to being a "tribute", but the influences are always there (and more than surely, they will always be). Regarding the cover, it's just like you say, I would have loved to play all the songs hahahahaha.


 4.Man, I will tell you that I find one thing totally amazing, I mean the fact that these days young bands like MAYHEMIC are able to play the music which is so heavily rooted in the 80s. To be honest with y`all, I wish KREATOR would keep playing like this too, no joke. Sadly, their music has lost its “vibe” so to say a long time ago. Does it imply that each and every band that want to become “commercially successful” need to lost their initial “character” – like KREATOR for instance, what do you think?

Noctumbra: This industry is very unpredictable at times, and considering how the industry has changed over the years, I wouldn't dare say that losing the initial identity of a band is necessary to get far, although I don't give a shit anyway because Mayhemic is going to keep playing the fastest, grotesques and insane shit there can be.

Doom: In my opinion it depends on various factors, it is true that there are styles that work better in the "general" public, and so it has been throughout history, for a while to be popular you had to play Glam, then Thrash, Nu metal and currently this more modern and melodic metal. But I also think that one of the greatest virtues of metal is that the underground scene has always been and will always be strong, thanks to that this type of more classic and extreme acts will always have a place among the fans. In any case, as Noctumbra said, MAYHEMIC will remain faithful to its roots, because what matters to us is to play the music that we like and not the one that others may or may not like.


5.How did you get interested in Teutonic metal? What is so special in this type of music and in KREATOR in particular that you, in result, decided to follow what was given to us on “Endless Pain” and “Pleasure to Kill” by Mile and his friends?

Noctumbra: At age 13 I heard Kreator for the first time (Extreme Aggression and Pleasure to Kill). It's one of those things that can't be explained, but as soon as I heard it, I knew that was what I wanted to hear forever and how I wanted my music to be one day. My obsession was such that what I did was basically try to find and listen to any shit that looked alike, and from there was born my attachment to the classic material of bands like Sodom, Destruction, Necronomicon, and even others outside of Germany like Sepultura and Vulcano. Obviously, the most representative banner is raised by the Germans. I imagine that many young bands follow this path because in general, the songs are not so difficult to play and are very natural when composing them, in my case, the initiative is only because I am obsessed with that material.

6.Is this KREATOR`s energy that’s so alluring or what?

Noctumbra: It’s Ventor’s fault hahaha


 7.Ok, enough of “The Darkest Age” - let’s talk about your forthcoming full-length (?) album, which is to be out this year. Please elaborate on this topic a little. Is it coming to be a real full-length or maybe something shorter, like an MLP? Which label is going to release this stuff?

Doom: Our next material will be Mayhemic's first full-length which will be released this year. It will be titled "TOBA" and will feature eight new songs in the vein of our previous material "The Last Judgement / Volcanic Blast) of 2021, but faster, more varied, dark and explosive than everything before. The album will be released by Sepulchral Voice Records of Germany, which is giving us tremendous support to make this album possible.


8.Ok, to create music is one thing, but to play it live is another. Where do you guys plan to play live this year? Any chance we can see you guys in Europe or Poland?

Doom: Our plan this year is to play as much as possible in Chile and travel the next year. The plan is in fact to make a European tour in 2024, we do not know yet if we will pass through Poland, but it would be great to do it


9.According to Metal Archives, you guys are busy with other bands too. So, do you have any free time for other things at all (beside music, of course?)

Noctumbra: I don't usually have a lot of free time. I am a professional Software Developer by day and a professional beer drinker by night (by day too).

Doom: The only band I'm in besides Mayhemic it’s one called Deviants, Noctumbra and Magelis are in the band too, but it’s more like a studio project, so it doesn’t really takes me a lot of time. Beside music I am studying psychology, that takes the biggest part of my time. I really like cinema and comic books as well, so I always find an space for that too. I also design flyers and cassette’s layouts as extra work.

I would say your music is getting more and more popular, so any chance “The Darkest Age” will be re-released on vinyl? Any palpable interest from the labels in this matter, huh?

Doom: Not only is it possible, but it will come out relatively soon. Sepulchral Voice Records will be releasing this year the vinyl edition of "The Darkest Age" featuring the original art of "The Final Judgement / Volcanic Blast" by Bastián Velasquez of the band Deathsvn.


10.The Chilean scene is so rich in bands…and awesome music; what is the reason, if I may ask, for your country to have so many excellent groups? And one more thing, Chilean music is so deeply rooted in the 80s. Damn, it all sounds like it was composed and performed 30 years ago. How’s it possible, tell me man?

Noctumbra: We're in a shitty country, we live angry, and we make angry music accordingly. It's good that you like bands here, the truth is that there is a lot of movement, as well as great bands, going to live underground shows is always fun because of that, and many of our favorite bands in the world are right here!!!! The truth is that there is everything, you have thrash bands influenced by that eighties sound that we like so much, and others influenced by more modern sounds.

For years, tape-trading, beside live shows, has been considered to be the best way to promote band`s music, yet, these days thanks to the internet, access to music is more than easy. But there is a downside to it as well since there have been plenty of garbage bands who use the internet to become visible/present. If you ask me it is irritating that there are so many bands who are not ready to release their full-length albums yet they do, coz, lo and behold, it’s become so easy to record and release albums. Resultingly, plenty of shitty, worthless music is spawned. So, what do you think? Is the internet a good thing when it comes to promotion or just the very opposite? This easiness of access, in fact, kills music, hey?

Doom: I think that the internet itself is neither good or bad in that sense, it is just one more tool. It is also a double-edged sword, in case your work is crap, it is normal for the internet to let you know or ignore you. Perhaps the biggest problem of promoting through the internet is the oversupply that this generates, but I do not think it is killing music, on the contrary, very good bands have been able to become better known thanks to the internet and that is a positive point.


11.Thanks a lot for your answers. Anything to add for your die-hard fans? Take care.

Doom: Thank you for your support! Keep in touch because they are big news coming this year!! METAL!!!!


Interview conducted NecronosferatuS

foto Live MAYHEMIC
Sergio Mella
Sebastian Dominguez
Alexander Javier (V Región)

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New Interview DESTROYER 666


Dear ladies and lads; well, looking for a suitable interview candidate for our Oldschool Metal Maniac`s 25thissue didn’t take too long, indeed. First of all,

DESTROYER 666 have recently released their latest album – totally amazing “Never Surrender” and second, they are about to start another European tour quite soon.

Since these Aussie wolves will be playing three shows here in Poland,

So, I guess you`ll find this chat with Keith Bemrose aka K.K. Warslut really interesting.



Hi KK. Seems like this year is going to be a good one for DESTROYER 666. You have recently released a new brand album…damn, this stuff is a slab of awesome speed metal! I love it!!!


KK - Cheers mate, glad to hear ya like it.

You guys are preparing to embark on a new tour and you are coming to Poland…that’s excellent news, I must say. What other countries are you guys planning to visit?

KK - Any we are allowed to.

Here in Poland, there are plenty of ardent D666 fans, and I am sure they`ll be very happy to learn you guys have planned three live shows in our country. Trust me man, I know of some guys who`ll come see you at each and every of these three shows.

KK - The Polaks are some of the best folk in Europe. I love Poland and the Polish metalheads. If I could Id move there but ya language is too deranged.

The last time I saw you live was at Black Silesia Fest. How did you like that fest btw? Some of D666 members had some issues getting to the venue, right?

KK - Yeah was fine, enjoyed it a lot. Yeah some usual problems with understaffed airlines fucking things up.

Well, let’s talk about your latest album – “Never Surrender”, shall we. These songs were recorded at Moontower Studios. Well, if you ask me I will tell you that, in my view, three-piece bands are best when it comes to writing music, for instance: BATHORY, SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, CELTIC FROST, EXCITER, am I right? Why did not Roland participate in the recording session by the way?

KK - Ro had left the band by then. So ya know, ya play the cards ya dealt.We wanted to record precisely at a time when everyone was told to stay home and hide under thier bed from the invisible enemy,not travel,not see people etc ...we thought this would be good for the band morale.

Bez (guitar) joined D666 during some of your latest live shows. Is he a full-time member or a live musician? Can you please tell us some more about how he joined your horde?

KK - Yeah he joined just previous to Steelfest. Ive known him for about 10 years. Hes from Iran. Or possibly Portugal.

I would say that D666 have changed a lot since “Wildfire”. In my opinion, your music used to be more “black metal oriented” in the past, so to say; now, damn, it’s just total speed metal with plenty of devilishness in it. Let me guess, your true nature prevailed, huh? It seems that composing/playing this sort of music comes very naturally to you, I reckon. In other words, you play/write the very same kind of music that you have been listening to all your life, right?

KK - I see your view...but from my perpective ,its always been leaning more towards Thrash and Speed than Black. It was only the Defiance album which broke that pattern. But ya know, thats just me, and we all know this one important fact ,no one knows more about a band than the fan of a band. So maybe Im wrong.
Your second point rings true I think..its said things occur in cycles and we end up where we started but hopefully the wiser for it. So yeah I feel like Im in a band now that harkens back to my formative years.

What stuff do you listen to these days? Do you listen to KAT occasionally? I think you have always had a soft spot for KAT`s music. Alas, Roman Kostrzewski died on February 10, 2022. We will forever be missing this guy, that’s for sure. Some people seem simply irreplaceable. Like Lemmy and MOTORHEAD or KAT and Roman. The grim reaper is indeed merciless…

KK - Listened to Kat a lot the last coupla days. Listening to lotsa French heavy metal from the 80s. Some old Italian stuff.A Swedish Heavy Metal Biker band called Crank.


I have noticed that “The Wolf” has often been present in your layout. What does this animal mean to you?

KK - It means many things on many different levels, But for brevitys sake, lets say for now it means Fuck the world.

Are you interested in any global affairs? Are you interested in politics and so on? To what extent are you (guys) affected by what is going on these days in the world?

KK - Politics is usually infintley dull and somewhat predictable. Im more interested in the globalist parastical class and their schemes to have us all live in a digital gulag eating bugs, masturbating in VR goggles and every fucking move we make being tracked traced and evalauated and penalized for some bullshit like the fucking sun.


The “Never Surrender” lyrics are very powerful. This sort of attitude conveyed by the album lyrics makes us strong and free in our fucked-up times. Yet, some people ignore this and become “cogs in the machine” so to say. This renders them incapable of independent thinking. I am not surprised by your lyrics and the overall vibe, so to say, since what has been going on in the world in the recent years is totally annoying. Does the world need to start burning so people can realize how bad it is?

KK - if they aint woke up by now, then they probably never will, but ya can get some good persective from the gallows Im sure, so who knows, theres hope yet theyll see things a bit clearer one day.

In my view, the current trends in modern cinema are totally fucked up. Plenty of gay stuff, black actors in traditionally white roles (Disney`s “Lord of the Rings”); or “The Witcher” featuring black elves. What the fuck, there have never been black elves…and not because the authors were racist or something like that. Same for “Elisabeth I” and black actors playing historical characters…This shit is getting really eerie and totally unnecessary, in my opinion. Or “Sandman” and some LGBTQ representation. Soon, kids will perceive being heterosexual as something unusual. Man, what is going on? What is your view on this matter?

KK - I dont know these shows you mentioned, but it sounds a lot like classic Extreme Left tactics to rewrite history. Happend in Russia,China.
Whats goin on? Its a controlled demolition. there can be no Great Reset with our first shutting it all down. Think about how you reset your computer. Gotta shut it down first.

It seems that playing live shows and extensive touring require being in good shape. You look very fit man, you are certainly doing awesome. Tell me something pal: how important is working out for you? How often do you go to the gym? What does regular physical activity mean to you?

KK - Been weight training since 96 , Shrapnel got me started on it. Previous to that i was just doin cardio, lotsa swimming ,circuit work, walking, some jogging. Trainings very important to me. Anyone who trains will tell you that. I wouldve destroyed myself long ago without that discipline that comes from training.
I dont go to a gym and havent been to one regularly for 6 years now. I train at home. Which saves me the commute, the terrible music and the morons. But, it also of course has its down side re: lack of machines and free weights. But ya can do a hell of a lot with some dumbells, resistance cables and body weight.

If you could travel back in time, what would you like to see, change or correct? What place and time would you like to visit?

KK - In my life? hmm..ive certainly made my share of mistakes along the trail, but best not to spend too much time contemplating the impossible. But often we do get the chance to apologize to those we have wronged or offended for no good reason. And ya dont need time travel for it either.
Place and time? jesus ,so many...Id love to see modern mans first interactions with Neanderthals. 450 - 1000 AD Britannia would be of interest to me.

Well, time to wrap up, I guess. Thanks a lot for your answers. See you at your live shows in Poland. Anything to add for your ardent, die-hard fans? Take care.

KK - I stand sincerely honoured and humbled by the support of the Polaks. No remorse,No regrets and Never Surrender




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Well, the very fact that PROTECTOR has always been very popular among their ardent fans here in Poland is simply undeniable. Thus, it comes as no surprise that it was awesome news when PROTECTOR`ians resumed their music activities 12 years ago, I will tell you time flies by, indeed. And they have released a number of awesome albums since their resurrection which can easily be considered as good as their classic stuff – “Golem” or “Urm the Mad”. Their full length “Excessive Outburst of Depravity” from 2022 is a good example of what good music is all about and that was the very reason why I decided to ask Martin Missy to have a little chat. Ladies and gentlemen – enjoy.

Hello Martin, how are you and how was your new year`s party? Hope this is going to be a good year for PROTECTOR, what do you think?

- Everything is ok here. My family and me spent Christmas and New Years Eve at my sister’s place in Germany. During this visit I also had the opportunity to go to a Sodom / Darkness show in Andernach. I think this will be a good year for Protector, although we will take it easy in the first half of 2023 (our guitarist and Drummer became fathers last year and need some time off with their kids). In September we will play one gig in Sweden and two gigs in Germany. And in November we'll play in Poland (Gdansk and Katowice).

Yes, undeniably, “Excessive Outburst of Depravity” has been out for some time, but this is the latest stuff authored by PROTECTOR. So, let us chat about this album a little as this full-length recording is one of PROTECTOR`s most interesting, in my view. A truly massive, awesome piece of music – these songs have literally bulldozed me into the ground!

- Thank you! I also think that we did a really good album this time. Personally, I think it is the best Protector album since the resurrection of the band in 2011.

“Reanimated Homunculus” was out back in 2013. I will tell you I am still surprised how good this album turned out to be; and bearing in mind PROTECTOR took a very long break in their career, right? Although you returned with a brand-new line-up yet the sound and style of yours is totally similar to the one we know from the “Golem/Urm the Mad” times. Man, I would say that all the stuff created after you reactivated PROTECTOR appears to be some sort of “lost recordings” from the “GOLEM” era. Dude, simply it is hard to believe this was recorded just in 2013. I would say you are one of the very few who can do it right, congratulations.


- Yes, I am also very pleased with all the albums we have recorded since 2013. I am incredible fortunate that I can play in a band together with three musicians that love old school Metal, and who can write songs that sound much like our albums from the 80s.

The album was recorded at Studio Humbucker in Stockholm and the session was split in two parts. Patrick W. Engel took care of the mastering. You have cooperated with this guy before, correct? Can you please elaborate on this session a little bit?

- Well actually it was just one session. Calle started with recording the drums, then Micke recorded the guitar and Matte the bass. After that I entered the studio and did the vocals. The sound engineer Robert Persson then sent the files to Patrick W. Engel who mixed and mastered everything. On our previous three albums he had done the mastering only, but this time we let him manage the mixing part as well. And I think the result became really cool and old-school.

Let us talk about the album`s lyrics. As I can see you are interested in war themes. Which time period is your favourite? The reason I am asking is that, for instance, the song named “Last Stand Hill” deals with the Battle of the little Bighorn that took place in June, 1876 and involved George Custer as well as Crazy Horse and Dakota Indians. Another song that has attracted my attention is “Referat IV B 4” – a very depressing journey to the past extermination camps of the Second World War. Yes, history seems a good source of inspiration yet can be scary at times too, don’t you think? Have you ever been to any former death camps like the one in Auschwitz, for example? I will tell you when you enter the death zone you can feel all the fear and pain….

- Yes, I usually get inspired to lyrics by books, movies and documentaries. History is one of my favourite topics. I had planned to write lyrics about the Holocaust for quite some time. When we played in Poland in 2019 we also went to Auschwitz. I had of course seen many pictures and documentaries about the camp, but when I actually were there, it filled me with both sadness (for all the people that lost their lives there) and anger (against all the persons that were involved in executing this insanity). In the lyrics to "Referat IV B 4" I wrote about all the Germans that organized the "Endlösung" from an office in Berlin. In my eyes they were as guilty as the guards of the camps, that sent the victims into the gas chambers.

“Open Skies and Endless Seas” and “Perpetual Blood Oath” are the homage paid to your Nordic brothers from PROTECTOR, huh?

- " Open Skies..." is about Vikings, correct. That was also a topic I had wanted to write some lyrics about for quite a while. "Perpetual Blood Oath" is my attempt to write some MANOWAR kind of lyrics.

What are your inspirations when you write lyrics? Some movies or books perhaps? Any favourite ones?

- It's especially movies and books that inspire me. The lyrics to "Crosses in Carelia" (from the "Cursed and Coronated" Album) for instance are inspired by the finish book (and movie) "The unknown soldier" by Väinö Linna. "Holiday in Hell" (from the "Reanimated Homunculus" Album) is inspired by the American movie "Deliverance" from 1972. "Stillwell Avenue" (from the "Summon the Hordes" Album) is inspired by the American movie "The Warriors" from 1979. The list goes on and on... :-)

You have been cooperating with High Roller for 10 years now. Can you please tell us a bit more about this cooperation? Are you happy with Steffen and his label?

- Absolutely! High Roller Records has the absolute perfect size for PROTECTOR. It' s neither too big nor too small. The whole staff there is doing a great job, and it is very easy to have contact with them.

In 2019, you took part in a mini-tour together with (reactivated) IMPERATOR and HELL-BORN. How did you like the gig in Warsaw, if I may ask?

- It was awesome! The polish fans were incredible. I still have goosebumps when I think about the loud "PROTECTOR, PROTECTOR" chants between the songs. I'm really looking forward to return to Poland this autumn.

Many fans think that cult bands like PROTECTOR for instance, are busy with music only. Well, it seems that this assumption is not 100% correct, and the movie about ANVIL has shown us exactly what non-music lives of the band members look like. So, please tell us what you guys do or what you are busy with when you don’t play music. I suspect you work and your jobs limit your ability to play live, huh?

- We all have regular jobs. Micke is a car mechanic, Calle is driving a garage truck, Matte is working in a fish factory and I am employed at a hospital in Stockholm. Micke, Calle and me also have families. These are the reasons why we usually only play live about 5-7 times a year.

Well, and talking about live shows, how about 2023 in this context? Hope you won’t forget your ardent fans here in Poland, huh?

- We will return to Poland this year. In November we will be playing one show in Gdansk and one in Katowice (not in the Spodek this time though, hehehe).

And I will tell you there are plenty of awesome fests here in Poland that you should include in your live show schedule! Like Black Silesia in Byczyna, Summer Dying Loud in Łodz, Mystic Fest in Gdańsk and so on. Martin, tell me if there is any chance to see you guys at any of these fests this year, huh?


- I am not sure if the two gigs I mentioned are part of a festival, or if they are regular club shows. We will see.

I need to ask you about your line-up. Most of PROTECTOR`s members are Swedish. So, let me ask about BATHORY… as I can see - now and then, there pop up some BATHORY tee shirts, BATHORY`s debut album that you are holding in your hands…Well, BATHORY seems pretty important to you, right?

- Of course, BATHORY is an awesome band. They were one of the first to play really aggressive and brutal Metal. They were not a big influence to us in the 80s (that were bands like POSSESSED, SLAYER and SODOM) but we all love BATHORY albums, at least the early ones.

Most fans are into BATHORY`s first four albums; as well as, perhaps, “Hammerheart” and “Twilight of the Gods”. What is your opinion about BATHORY`s later albums like “Requiem”, “Octagon”, “Blood on Ice”, “Destroyer of The Worlds”?

- I have to admit that I am not such a big fan of the later albums. I like the brutality and aggression of the first albums more.

Have you ever met Quorthon personally? If yes, what kind of guy was he?

- No, unfortunately I never met him. I have a friend here in Stockholm who used to see him at the football matches of AIK Solna, but also, he never spoke with him.

Your first BATHORY`s album ever? And how did you like what you heard on BATHORY`s debut album?

- Our DRUMMER Michael had BATHORY`s debut album, so it was at his place I heard it for the first time. I liked the album right away and I was really proud when I found out that the band was from Sweden.

Paradoxically, the COVID times benefited bands in a sense they could focus more on writing music rather than playing live. Well, indeed, your “Excessive Outburst of Depravity” was released not a long time ago, but please tell me whether you guys are currently working on any new songs? What’s cooking, in other words?

- We have two songs that weren't finished in time to end up on "Excessive Outburst of Depravity". And Matte and me have written one more song each. Matte is picking up the guitar from time to time to write new riffs. We will see when we'll have enough songs ready for a new album.

Well, time to wrap up, I think. Thanks a lot for your time. Anything to add for our Polish fans of PROTECTOR? The floor is all yours. Hope to see you playing live in Poland this year!!! Regards. Leszek

- I would like to thank all our Polish fans for their support. Together with Germany and the Czech Republic, Poland is the country with the biggest PROTECTOR-stronghold in the world. And Thank you for doing the Interview with me, Leszek! Stay Metal everyone!


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FAÜST Interview

Ladies and gentleman, this is FAUST. Well, after this year`s Brutal Assault edition, I decided to have a little chat with them, a truly enjoyable band from Czech Republic as they`re surely are. Read on.

Well, I won’t deny this year`s Brutal Assault edition was the first time when I heard your music. That was a good show, no doubt! So, let’s start the interview, shall we?
Kryštof: Thank you! Let’s dive right into this, kurwa!
You guys formed FAÜST in 2020…but your music oozes of old, archaic 80s vibe, all right. Why did you choose this primordial kind of old school metal?
Kryštof: Well we formed the band already in 2014 under a different name though. First we were called “Coldblooded Fish” and had two different members than we have now. And back then we all loved thrash metal in all forms, so we wanted to be part of it too. Then in 2018 we released our full length album called “Malvarma” under the shortened name “CBF”, but 2 years later, we finally realized that the name isn’t working, so we decided to change it and with it we also started to play more dirty, blackened/rock’n’roll-ish/punk-ish thrash metal.
Well, before the internet era, there were many bands who shared the same name. Like SLAYER, NECROPHAGIA, NIGHTMARE, HOLY DEATH to name but a few. Kind of uncommon these days, huh? So, the question is why you chose this quite popular band name since there must be at least 8 other FAUST`s out there? So why FAÜST? Was this Johann Wolfgang von Goethe`s tragic play of any importance to you when picking the very name?
Kryštof: We picked this name because me, Jenda and Honza were born in a maternity hospital, which is 2 blocks away from a building in Prague that is called a “Faust’s House” which is tied to a Prague legend very similar to the Goethe’s play. And yeah of course we looked at metal-archives and found that there are like 14 other bands called Faust, but no one had the umlaut above the U in the name, so we are distinguished at least by that haha.
Rudolf II, count of Habsburg (who ruled Czechia in 1576-1611) wasn’t too fond of the Roman Catholic Church. He, at some point, renounced Roman Catholicism and perhaps that’s why he opted to be surrounded by enlightened people at his court including astronomers, astrologists, magicians and alchemists. He was also interested in sorcery…and there were more persons like him in your (Czechia`s) history. Is this person inspirational in any way to you guys?
Kryštof: Not yet, but he might be in the future. This definitely seems like something I would be interested in making lyrics about.
You hail from the city of Prague, which is considered the world`s capital of occultism by many people. Does it have any meaning to you?
Kryštof: The history of occultism here is very interesting, but I haven’t given it much interest so far.
Devil and metal music are a truly explosive blend, aint it? This sort of music is really charming and can possess its listeners really easily. And this is why I can sense this devilish element in your speed/thrash music, huh?
Kryštof: I don’t think it needs to be connected with the devil so be charming and easy to catch the eye of the listener, but it definitely still works well with it. More the music sounds evil, the more devilish it can get. People can take it any way they want and if they want to praise the devil with it, then by all means, go for it.
As I can see you like CELTIC FROST, BATHORY and DARKTHRONE. You have their tee shirts, you play their cover songs live (like Into the Crypts of Rays by CELTIC FROST at Brutal Assault). How much are you guys inspired by these bands? What bands/albums do you listen to on a daily basis?
Kryštof: We all listen to something a bit different, for example Jenda (bass player) enjoys listening to grindcore/noise/crust and many more, I listen to heavy metal/thrash/punk and whatever I find interesting. On a daily basis right now at the moment I listen to a band DOOL which I found on Brutal Assault and I love their gothic rock/metal vibe.
Ok, this year your “Tinnitus Inquisition” was out through Witches Brew from Germany. Can you please elaborate on how this album was composed, rehearsed and recorded? How many days did it take you to get it recorded and mixed? What studio did you use?
Kryštof: The writing for the album started in the early 2021 mainly with the joining of Teodor to the band and we still were finishing up some lyrics to 2 songs when we were already in the studio in the first week of August 2021. Rehearsing the songs was sometimes a bit difficult, cause in our rehearsal room we can’t hear every little detail everyone plays, so we had to play one song the whole day so get it right. Which gets annoying even after the second time you play it in a row. But in the end it’s always worth it. Anyway the studio we picked was Hellsound Studio, which we already recorded in our previous album “Malvarma”, that came out under the CBF name. And I believe it took only 4 days to record and then maybe about a month for the mix and master, which was done by the same guy from the studio Honza Kapák (Bohemyst, Gride, ex-Master’s Hammer)
At this year`s Brutal Assault fest, there were plenty of good bands to watch. Which ones did you like most?
Kryštof: I personally enjoyed Mercyful Fate, D.R.I., Pentagram, Dool, God Mother and Hentai Corporation the most.
Where and when is FAÜST going to play live in order to promote “Tinnitus Inquisition”? Poland perhaps?
Kryštof: We actually just finished our little tour which took place in Warsaw - Poland, Dresden - Germany, Budapest - Hungary, Bratislava - Slovakia and Kovanice - Czechia, so we are getting back into our normal lives right as we speak, but we will be touring around Czech on the weekends until the end of the year. You can see our upcoming shows on our facebook page for sure!
Ok, time to wrap up, I guess. Thanks a lot for your time. Good luck with your shows and I do hope fans will enjoy and appreciate your Tinnitus Inquisition.
Kryštof: Thank you so much, we wish you well in your life and thanks to anyone who finished reading this! Cheers & Beers!!


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What I am holding in my “eternally yearning for metal music” hands right now is Italy`s BARBARIAN`s brand new album (“Viperface”).This is a full-length release with plenty of devilishness in it. Man, this stuff messed me up a lot so it comes as no surprise I decided to chat with BARBARIAN`s frontman – Borys Catelani. Ok, lets don’t waste our precious time no more. Ladies and gentlemen – this is BARBARIAN!



Hi Borys, well, first off, before we talk about other things, including your new album, please tell me how you liked your stay in Poland? You have been to Poland before, right?
Hey there! It was great, I’ve met a lot of friends, visited some nice museums, the Four Domes Pavillion and the National Museum in Wroclaw, the Nowa Huta Museum and the Czartoryski Gallery in Cracow, and most of all the Beksinski show in Nowa Huta Cultural centre, that was simply amazing! Yes, I’ve been to Poland many times, I’m born and raised in Italy but my mother is Polish. I’ve spent all my summer holidays till the mid 90’s in Wroclaw, so I can speak Polish (maybe not the most correct one) and I’m familiar with the so called old times of the PRL. I’ve been actually introduced to metal in Poland. Since I was living in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Italy, it was paradoxically easier (but also way cheaper for me) to get music in Poland. I’ve spent a lot of money at Melissa, for those who remember that store in Wroclaw. I used to have tons of those pirate Polish tapes. I remember also meeting kids that would end up in bands like Thy Worshiper and Graveland years later.

“Viperface” is your album number five. And the third album released through Hell`s Heabangers. How’s the cooperation with this label going? All`s good? Would you change anything if you could?
It’s just perfect. They are doing a great work promoting Barbarian. I think we couldn’t land on a bigger label as far as our music goes, and it’s a honour for us being on the same label with bands like Deathhammer, Acid Witch, Bat, Midnight (well, they moved to Metal Blade). We trust each other and that’s the kind of thing the metal scene needs.

Is “Viperface” going to be pressed into vinyl as well? The cd is available now, same for the tape version, right?
Sure thing, the usual delays have pushed the vinyl to the end of 2022, and the tape version is due any time. Analog formats are mandatory for me, they are the ones I’ve grown up with.
Well, I will tell you that when I listen to “Viperface”, I ask myself this question: how difficult/easy is it to compose the kind of music which has this particular vibe we actually experienced 30 years ago?
Even more than that. I’ve grown up listening to 80’s metal. First it was Metallica, and then anything more extreme, then classic metal, and so on. Metal has been game changing, I wouldn’t be what I am now without it. I could say the same about punk, that I met shortly after (again a Polish friend). Well, I’m a music-addict, my house is exploding with records, many different kind of music, but yeah, metal is metal! So, back to your question, it runs in the veins, it’s just the matter of letting it all out, and since I’m old, it’s old school metal that flows out.

I suspect you guys listen to a lot of old-school music yourselves and in result this is why your stuff is so suffused with this archaic vibe, huh? Your latest album is so much inspired by early classic doings by RUNNING WILD and CELTIC FROST, yeah. Is this a pure coincidence or not? What are your main inspirations as for genre’s classic albums?
Exactly! Our early stuff was totally influenced by HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST. Then little by little a lot of other influences have started to creep out, old heavy/speed like RUNNING WILD for sure (first two albums), but also 80’s MANOWAR, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, VENOM (first three albums), mid-period BATHORY, early METALLICA (both Kill’em All and Ride The Lightning). They are classics for a reason. I think that the good thing about Barbarian is that we blend a lot of influences, the thousands and thousands of records we’ve been costantly listening to have left their trace. But it’s not an incoherent blend, it’s all mixed and let out in our personal style. It’s funny because in many reviews we’ve been compared to a whole lot of different bands, from DISCHARGE to OBITUARY, it means that it’s not so easy to pigeonhole us and that our sound is very personal, but definitely OLD SCHOOL! I think you need to listen to our music a lot of times before getting to its point, because there’s a lot in it. It’s not as catchy at first listening like MIDNIGHT for instance, there are riffs, tempo changes, different nuances, influences and moods. It’s not for the people who are used to listen to music superficially on a smartphone through youtube. In this sense we are totally regressive and old school. You know how it was in the past, especially in places where it wasn’t easy to get hold of music, even a dubbed tape was a treasure to be listened to hundreds and hundreds of times. Nowadays it’s all easy and free, but we prefer sticking to the old way.

“To No God Shall I Kneel” was out in 2019. Seems like you worked hard during the COVID times which resulted in this very awesome new album of yours, with so many old school ideas in it. Can you please tell us how much time it took you guys to get this “Viperface” completed and where was it recorded?
Thanks a lot for your words! I’m happy that you noticed that there’s a lot of ideas in our songs. By the time Covid stroke all the songs were already finished. We use to practice regularly, and it’s always a pleasure working on new stuff, that’s why we managed to release so much stuff in 13 years. So, after all the long breaks we just had to smooth the edges of the songs. Then we recorded them in July 2021 in our practice room with the help of our friend and engineer Niccolò Gallio. Then we had Viperface mastered at Toxic Basement Studio in Italy, and after the cover art was completed (by Velio Josto) we finally submitted it to Hells Headbangers that, being a big label, has its own amount of releases in line. We are very satisfied of every aspect of the album, music, sound, art.
Ok, writing and releasing songs is one thing. Promotion is another. How about “Viperface” in this context? Where are you going to promote this album apart from this two-day thrash nightmare festival with NIFELHEIM, TORR, BUNKER66? That’s gonna be a wild show, I am sure of it. Is BARBARIAN going to be active playing shows this year? Are you going to visit Poland too?
 Concerts are mandatory for us, we simply love them. It’s the physical side of metal, that’s when we can relate to other people, and playing abroad is the top of it. Of course there are some restrains, like our everyday jobs, that don’t help, but we try to gig as much as possible. We were supposed to tour Europe with Bunker 66, including a gig in Poland, but Covid disrupted our plans. Besides that amazing fest, we have a gig in Vienna and several others in Italy already planned. But it’s never enough, once Viperface is properly unleashed we’ll engage in having more shows, especially abroad, hopefully some festivals. We definitely hope to play in Poland as soon as possible!

When we talked last, you mentioned a 30-day tour in the USA. Did BARBARIAN promote to “To No God Shall I Kneel” during that tour? Inform us some more about that. What other bands did you play with? Any funny stores from the tour you would like to tell us about?
That happened in 2017, we promoted “Cult Of The Empty Grave” and our tour 7” with two unreleased songs recorded specially for the tour. It was great, we started in Chicago, then drove west, played down that coast, drove back to Denver first and then to the East Coast. It was a demanding tour, lots of car break-downs and unluck, but all the concerts were super. We sold all the merch we had, we even had to reprint shirts along the way, and finished those as well. Met a whole lot of old and new friends. We had the chance to play with Mortem, Funeral Nation, Nekrofilth, Bewitcher, Kommand, Knight Terror and more. Lots of funny stories to be told about the tour, like when the owner of a gas station somewhere in the midwest bought our CD thinking we were some kind of stars from Italy, or when in Pittsburgh we met Chase from Hells Headbangers who, at the end of the night clearly wanted to go home but we couldn’t stop talking to him because we were kinda drunk after a stressful day when we almost missed the show because of the usual car breakdown. Great guy, by the way.

I know for a fact you are an ardent fan of the Beksinski`s art. And your debut album from 2011 has his painting on its front cover. I will tell you that VADER from Poland tried to use this painting for one of their albums, too (Beksinski was still alive at that time) but they failed and they were not allowed to do so. I am sure BARBARIAN is one of the very few bands who managed to get the permission to use our master`s art for their front cover. Can you elaborate on this subject please?
I didn’t know about VADER, that’s very interesting. Yes, I’m totally bewitched by the art of Beksinski. I actually discovered him quite late, it was 2008 and I was in Dallas on tour with an old band of mine. I then saw this book “The Fantastic Art of Beksinski” on Morpheus Editions lying on a table in this guy’s house, picked it up… and my jaw fell on the ground! It’s not easy to say why I love his art. He wasn’t at peace with himself at all, and his art punches hard and deep, it’s more like feeling rather than understanding it. He used to say it’s senseless trying to explain a work of art, in fact he wasn’t used to give titles to his work. I completely second that. I feel like some sort of affinity, and seeing his works live, not on a book, it’s a groundbreaking experience for me. Before the show in Nowa Huta I saw four paintings in Chicago at the Polish Culture Institute and then I also paid a visit at the Museum of Sanok. I also had the chance to read Beksinski short stories, that may be not as fascinating as his paintings, especially the 70’s and 80’s ones, but are interesting nonetheless. His photography is also astounding. Top notch total artist! Back to Barbarian, at the start of the band I felt like Beksinski was my personal Giger, and wanted my own To Mega Therion. I got in touch with the Sanok Museum and also with Piotr Dmochowski, the owner of the painting (hmm, the guy didn’t sound too nice), and in the end, with the help of Lukas of Doomentia Records we got the permission from the Museum. Quite interesting because they don’t own the picture. Yes, Beksinski has been used and also abused a lot (see Evoken third album, that was horrible) on metal covers, I doubt all of those bands have been authorized.

Beside BARBARIAN, you also run a label. Please elaborate on what you plan to release in the future? I do enjoy this LA`s based NECROPHAGIA`s compilation album you released. How did you manage to get in touch with them?B
Yeah, that’s RIPPING STORM RECORDS. I’ve started it in 2013 after leaving Agipunk (2004-2013), while in the 90’s I run Tetanus. I like doing some archeology releasing old bands, but also some new bands that I like from time to time, it’s the same approach of yours I believe: pure pleasure. I’m currently in the processing of releasing all the old tapes 1987-1995 by SACRED CRUCIFIX, death/thrash prime movers from Finland, on both vinyl and Cd format. Then it will be time for the third instalment in the OUTRAGE (Germany) series, with their final 1987 demo before splitting. That’s old school in the vein of early SODOM. NECROPHAGIA LA are very cool, we have a friend in common, Luxi Lahtinen from Finland, a true old school die hard maniac. They’ve been very nice and they were very happy of our cooperation, too.

Yes, the blend of speed metal and devil is something really good! Why did you choose this particular style of metal music to play as a band? What caused BARBARIAN to follow this speed metal path?
As I said before, that’s the music I’ve grown up with, I like it so much that it was natural playing this kind of stuff. But your question is interesting, because that’s not the only kind of metal I’ve grown up with, I could have easily started a pure thrash metal band. An early Barbarian slogan was “Heavy Metal is Evil, Heavy Metal is Ugly, Heavy Metal is Threatening”. I guess the kind of metal we play is visceral, it draws immediately from the inside, and it’s coherent with our absolute despise of deities and religion, of any kind.

Well, tell us how BARBARIAN formed and whose idea was it to start the band?
That was my idea. I’ve been playing for years, but never had the chance to meet fellow musicians to share my love for old school metal with. Then it happened in 2009. I shared the idea with Steamroller (from Noia/Murk) and so, obsessed by Tom G.Warrior, Barbarian was born. There have a been a few changes in the line up during the years (Cardinal Sinner is the new entry on bass), I’ve always been the costant member, but we have always worked hard and constantly, thus releasing 5 albums, a split album and a 7” in 13 years, not bad. And we have always remained a power trio, like MOTORHEAD, VENOM, early KREATOR and SODOM and so on.
In hindsight, are you happy with your band? What do you want me to wish you in the future?
I’m super happy, it’s a reason to live for, Barbarian will never fold, they are too important for me. You can wish me hundreds of concerts and tours, I’ll work out the albums. Heavy Metal will never die!

If you could travel back in time, where would you like to go and to what times? What would you like to change or see?
Nice question. Metal-wise, I’m particularly fascinated by the early bay area thrash, would have been cool seing some early Exodus or Metallica gig. The book “Murder In The Front row” on this subject is mandatory. Other bands that I would have liked to see in their early times are definitely Celtic Frost, Death SS, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Black Flag, Sepultura, Laibach. I’d also like to see Beksinski at work, the 0,10 exhibition in Saint Petersburg in 1915, Bathory recording their first album, Kieslowski directing Film Blu, Françoise Hardy performing in the late 60’s.

Well, time to wrap up, all right. Anything to add for out OMMM readers? Feel free to do so. Thanks and take care.
Thank you for the opportunity of this interview, we are honoured to be on the pages of your magazine and to share our views with all the Polish readers. The flame of Old School Metal will burn forever.

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I guess that we all agree that Dave Ingram is a legend and his harsh vocal style set the tone for hundreds of other death metal singers.

With Dave’s return Benediction came back stronger than ever and amazed everyone with an outstanding “Scriptures”. And how Dave feels about the band nowadays ? Let’s see…



Hi Dave ! Seems that nowadays there are very good times for Benediction - you came back, the new album is a masterpiece and the band is playing live pretty often (I’ve managed to see you twice within one month).  How does it feel to come back and have an immediate impact on the band’s career?
Hey mate, many thanks for the interview. I really appreciate it.  It’s been fantastic, it really has. The response has been phenomenal, right from the moment we released the news - a little over 3 years ago. We would have been doing a lot more in the last few years, but obviously the planet ground to a halt due to the pandemic. We were lucky that we got the album written and recorded just before it hit. I think the fans’ reaction was awesome, and expected…over the years I’ve received SO many questions from fans asking me to go back. Well now I did and all their brains melted. In a good way, obviously.
“Scriptures” sounds like a missing album from the very beginning of Benediction. Although it’s a great album I was wondering- was it hard to “travel back in time” and somehow revisit the older times?
The ‘Old School’ sound is exactly what we do. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Why would we want to change that which we’re disciplined at? We won’t, and even when we did diverge from our standard it did not stray too far. For now we are embracing the OSDM we have always loved and will continue to write the same groove-laden metal in the future
As I said- I’ve seen you live twice, previously I’ve also seen Benediction with Dave Hunt. And all the gigs were amazing- haven’t you thought about recording a live album?
These days, live albums are not-so-cheap shots at making money for the label. Best way to experience the band live is to GO AND SEE THEM. Sure, not everyone can get to a gig, but in the modern age there’s live streaming and YouTube. You may be surprised at some of the high quality videos available out there. I’m not a fan of modern live albums, as they lack the ‘classic’ feel of the past (Black Sabbath’s “Live Evil”, Ozzy’s “Talk Of The Devil” for two examples) but I wouldn’t be averse to trying. 
After two iconic albums - “The Grand Leveller” (Benediction’s best in my opinion) and “Transcend the Rubicon'' you've taken a bit different direction with “The Dreams You Dread” - everything went slower, gloomier and it was a noticeable change within band’s style. Why was that?
As I said earlier, yes we strayed from our usual path, but we didn’t go too far away from it. Give the album another listen with that in mind. It’s still Benediction, just on a slightly different facet. And still OSDM, in my opinion.
Let’s talk about your episode in Bolt Thrower. You joined the band, when they already had a legendary status. How did you get there? Was it hard to jump into one of the biggest bands in death metal history?
I was asked to join some months after leaving Benediction, in 1998. The members of Bolt Thrower and myself were good friends so it was a logical choice and an easy assimilation. It is part of my life that I will also carry with me forever, with the memories of my tenure being such wonderful times.
I think that Down Among The Dead Man is a criminally underrated band. In one of the songs there are guests vocals recorded by your son Oliver. Haven’t you thought of creating a band with him one day?
Nowadays my son isn’t into much metal, especially the older death stuff. He sometimes likes some older rock tracks, and has his tastes elsewhere. The fact that he likes music is important to me, and I am happy with whichever genre lights his flame. As for DATDM we will hopefully begin work on a new album next year. Both myself and Rogga have many projects on the go so there is no rush at this time.
You’re obviously a science-fiction fan, with all those Dr Who inspirations and a couple of Star Wars-related jokes on stage of Mystic Festival. What in this genre is so special for you? What would you pick as the greatest sci-fi book ever written?
Science Fiction, just like music, is an escape. So why not combine the two (as I did in Down Among The Dead Men, along with songs in several other projects of mine, including the “Scriptures” album!) I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who - I’m sure my tattoos are testament to that - and I’m somewhat of a Star Trek and Star Wars fan also. The “Hello There!” moment onstage is to see if the audience all shout “GENERAL KENOBI!!” back at me. It hasn’t happened yet…maybe one day. The greatest Sci-Fi book ever written? That’s a tough one! I’d have to go with a list of a few…and then I’d be missing some out! But try these:
1. The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
2. 2001, A Space Odyssey - Sir Arthur C. Clarke
3. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep - Philip K. Dick
4. Make Room, Make Room! - Harry Harrisson
5. The Time Machine - H.G. Wells
It might be a trivial question, but why did you decide to move to Denmark?
Back in 1995 when Benediction were touring with Death around Europe, we played a show in Copenhagen. I was introduced to a woman who became my girlfriend. We had a long distance relationship for 3 years, and then I decided to move to Denmark full time. It was the best thing I have ever done, as Denmark is a wonderful place to live. A very relaxed lifestyle…and the best beer in the world.
You recorded some guest vocals for 1914’s last album. Obviously, the situation for the guys there right now is not easy - do you think what war in Ukraine will end anytime soon? What outcome might we expect?
I stand with Ukraine on this, personally. Benediction have tried to keep politics out of the music all these years, so I won’t go too far into it, but my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. The outcome will be bleak, whatever it is. Things in the world have changed.
Thanks for the interview. Last word goes to you- is there anything you’d like to tell our readers?
Thank you for the support all these years, myself and the band are in awe of the fans out there! THANK YOU!! Stay true to the scene and the scene will stay true to you. Thanks for the interview, it has been awesome!
Here’s a list of current albums on my turntable:
1. Voivod - Nothingface
2. Stoner - Totally…
3. Crypta - Echoes of the Soul
4. Brant Bjork and the Bros - Somera Sol
5. David Bowie - Hunky Dory
Interview Wojciech Michalak 
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SACRIVERSUM Interview 2022


Polish SACRIVERSUM, death/thrash metal formation from Łódź is back! On the thirtieth anniversary of the band's founding, which suspended their activities in 2005, a re-edition of their debut album "The Shadow of the Golden Fire" will be released on CD. Its premiere will be combined with a reactivation concert. The event will take place on October 22 (Saturday) 2022 in Klubopiwiarnia "Warkot" at ul. Narutowicza 7/9 in Łódź.

The album will be released by Thrashing Madness Prod., while the promoter will be Old Shool Metal Maniac Mag. As the co-founder, vocalist and bassist of Sacriversum, Remigiusz "Remo" Mielczarek, says, the intention to re-release the debut album gave a strong impulse to reactivate the band. - When Leszek, the boss of Thrashing Madness, called me with a proposal to re-release this album, the topic of reactivating the band immediately appeared, exactly on the thirtieth anniversary of its founding - Remo explains.

After releasing the demo "Dreams of Destiny" (Carnage Rec.) in 1992 and then the first album "The Shadow of the Golden Fire" (Baron Rec.) two years later, SACRIVERSUM began to undergo a period of intense stylistic and composition changes. Each of the following four albums was recorded with two vocal lines: the death metal growling was combined with a female, clear voice. This is how many bands played then, and the decade of the nineties was considered the time of the popularity of gothic metal. - We were looking for greater possibilities of expression then, composing with more keys and developing double vocal lines. In fact, many bands went that way: for example The Gathering, Theater of Tragedy, Orphanage, Within Temptation or our native Sirrah - says Remo. - Therefore, it has become inevitable to separate our fans into two groups: supporters of old death / thrash style and those who prefered a new, slightly less aggressive face of the band. Now there is the idea of ​​reactivating SACRIVERSUM back to the roots of the formation. - Before the pandemic, we intended to revive a band close to the late period - Remo explains. - Today, however, we want to recall the spirit of the early years. At the reactivation concert, we will only play songs from the demo and the first album. There will be no female vocals, we will be reminded in our home city of Lodz to old homies who remember our first days. On the thirtieth anniversary of the uprising, it is mainly of a sentimental dimension. Krzysztof "Baran" Baranowicz, keyboardist, co-composer of the repertoire from the debut album, returned to the band. Other musicians from that period could not be gathered. - The drummer, Michał "Ślepy" Ślebocki, unfortunately, is no longer alive. The guitarist Herszt could not take part in the reactivation for important reasons. Fortunately, we have a worthy replacement for both of them! - Remo rejoices. Krystian "MacKozer" Kozerawski, the guitarist of SACRIVERSUM in the last years of the band, whose compositions can be heard on the albums "Mozartia" and "Sigma Draconis", will play the guitar. A young, very talented musician from Łódź, Janek Traciński, will play the drums.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022, the band invites everyone - older and younger - fans of the band to the SACRIVERSUM reactivation concert, combined with the release (for the first time on a Polish CD) of their debut album. The invited special guests will also appear and their names are going to be reveil continously.

Sacriversum c/o : Remo Mielczarek, tel. 517 443 912, Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.


  1. Before we go to the essence of this interview, let me ask you how SACRIVERSUM came into being - what was your starting point to create your own band? How did you meet each other?

- Those were beautiful times. Exactly thirty years ago, in 1992. We were young, strong, still had long hair and could swing our right wrists quickly, buahahahahaha! Imagine three students terribly excited by the desire to play in a metal band. Herszt and Slepy had such a local formation called DEAD EVIL, which began to fall apart. For me, the short, only three-month apprenticeship period at PANDEMONIUM ended. After another fat party with TV sets being blown through hotel windows, I decided that it was not for me. To this day, I don't understand why, hahaha! Anyway, Szymon came back to PANDS, and I got to grips with Herszt and Blind, who told me to play bass and also assigned the function of a guttural. We wanted to play death thrash metal because they both were more like thrash, and I was definitely death, though. The stylistic gathering at the very source already became a determinant of SACRIVERSUM's activities: in this band, people with sometimes even extreme musical preferences, who added something to the overall style, always use to met later. The three of us also started to combine with the atmosphere, because playing everything in the speed version, although very pleasant, also turned out to be monotonous. In contrast, we wanted to slow down a bit sometimes. The first demo of "Dreams of Destiny" was recorded by the three of us, but soon the keyboard player Baran joined us - an extremely musical man, bluesman and rocker, but with great respect for metal issues.

  1. Your beginnings fall on the period when death metal celebrated its triumphs, but your music, although it did not protect itself from significant influences of this genre, does not quite fit into this convention, if only because of the use of keyboard instruments, which in that time few bands performing death metal used, and if it happened, like in Nocturnus, it was treated as a complement to the whole, musical background, not how did you have an instrument on an equal footing with others?

- Indeed, for us, the adoption of the keyboard player came not only from the need for originality or to be a bit different from everyone else - but also from the natural desire to seek other means of expression. It was not a struggle for originality by force, but the conviction that the keyboard instrument would broaden our range of musical influence. Our music, quite varied in tempo, where fast fragments intertwined with slowdowns, left a lot of space for the keys as an instrument straight from other musical worlds. Baran entered this space very boldly, not worrying at all that it is not appropriate to use a keyboard in metal music, but unceremoniously throw in his classic or blues inserts there, haha! To this day, he has been left with this courage, and we liked the fact that we are not some "headless riders", but our friend expands the offer we have for the audience with his view of music... A risky action, but very attractive to the musicians themselves. And giving a lot of satisfaction. But it is also known that NOCTURNUS used the keys in a completely different way, being the originality accepted by the fans at the time - for the atmosphere. Such open genre bands such as OPETH or KATATONIA only later began to experiment with the style. We were definitely one of the first such weirdos.

  1. In your music, especially on "The Shadow of the Golden Fire" I hear a lot of Therion influences, especially from the first three albums, is that a coincidence? Or did this band have any influence on your work? What then inspired you to play such music?

- Of course, also the early THERION, although you will probably be surprised that more certainly "Of Darkness ..." and "Beyond Sanctorum" than the next "... Ho Drakon ...", where there are more pronounced doom and goth influences. Such raw, death, Swedish music, as presented on their first albums back then: ENTOMBED, GRAVE, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, TIAMAT, THERION or - apart from Sweden - ASPHYX or AUTOPSY, inspired me a lot at that time. And the guys had of course their: METALLICA, SLAYER, then PANTERA later on. Somewhere, all these fascinations, mixed together, can be heard on our first recordings. I always say that if everyone in a team has the opportunity to show their temperament and passion, only beneficial effects can come out of it.

  1. Let's go back for a moment to your first demo "Dreams of Destiny" recorded in Studio-8 in Gdansk within 2 days - how do you recall this session, can you tell us something more about it?

- Well, it was a real opportunity for us at the time. As a bass player of PANDEMONIUM I played, among others, a concert in Gdynia, where I met Wojtek Kita, a very nice man, a music promoter under the Warrior Prod. banner. I do not know what is happening with him today, but then he helped many bands, from the Łódź underground and not only ... Thanks to a two-day, quick session in Krzysiek Maszota's studio in Obłuże, district of Gdynia, we managed to record this demo for a small amount of money. It was only four intro songs, but I remember we were so excited to have a demo that we were simply burned! After all, we had our repertoire ready in a few weeks, and then everything happened very quickly. We "released" this cassette ourselves, with a photocopied insert - and of course Mariusz Kmiołek also received such a copy, asking for a review in Thrashem'All Magazine. A moment later, Mariusz offered us to re-release this material, this time under the flag of Carnage Rec. As if we would then fucking touch the hell itself, hahahahahah! In the first year of operation, we already had a chance to stand close to the most important teams in the country: VADER, ARMAGEDON, PANDEMONIUM, BETRAYER, CHRIST AGONY... I remember how much excited we went with Slepy to Hala Mirowska in Warsaw to pick up our "original copies" in the shop from Mariusz and Krzysiek from PASCAL. As fans and readers of zines, we quickly became interview heroes in almost every such underground magazine. The touring has also started. Another world simply, hehehe...

  1. Before Carnage Rec. released "Dreams of Destiny", you released this material on your own in a limited edition of 100 cassettes - how did you get to the label of Mariusz Kmiołek, was anyone else besides Carnage interested in releasing Sacriversum?

- Well, there were a few of these proposals. Please forgive me, but I don't remember the exact names of the people who contacted us about this at the time. We chose Mariusz's offer for an obvious reason: Carnage, after the release of "Morbid Reich" of VADER or "Devilri" of PANDEMONIUM, was already a cult label in the Polish underground, widely recognized as a top. On the other hand, there was, of course, Metal Mind Production, but everyone knew that the bands that interacted with them were not treated fairly. Such matters have been passed on from word of mouth to mouth from the moment KAT took legal action against the MMP. In those years (we're talking about 1992), Carnage offered the only publishing offer of a comparable quality - and we were excited about the fact that we got it at all. I do not regret it to this day, Mariusz Kmiołek always fulfilled all arrangements in relation to SACRIVERSUM. Relationships were fair. Another thing is that soon there were bands talking out loud about their problems with Carnage Rec., but I have to emphasize once again that we did not experience such problems. Maybe because we didn't have too high expectations towards the label then and we agreed on the conditions of releasing the material, which I would boldly call today as mediocre. But these conditions were respected. That's how I remember it today. When assessing your own past and experiences, it is worth having the necessary dose of humility.

  1. How was "Dreams of Destiny" received in the underground then? Have you been involved in tape trading? Did you exchange your recordings with other bands then?

- As a band of the so-called underground, we certainly did not advance to the top league, in which the above-mentioned Carnage "locomotives" played, as well as the MMP bands, and KAT - which, as a precursor of the entire metal scene in Poland, first had its own separate audience, and secondly after parting ways with Metal Mind, he himself dealt with publishing his own albums, selecting only distributors. We've played some concerts, but I can't talk about any audience’s madness at the "DoD" stage. This first, own circulation, of course, was basically all intended for exchanges and gifts. Our situation was improved only by the release in 1994 of the first full-minute cassette, "The Shadow of the Golden Fire" by Baron Rec. I owe this fact to Szymon from TENEBRIS, who somehow then quit playing bass in PANDEMONIUM, focusing on developing his own way creative. I remember the enthusiasm with which Szymon talked about the opportunity for them to meet Janusz Baron from Piekary Śląskie and enter the publishing deal with him. Let us remember that we are talking about the years when the provisions of the Copyright Act were not yet in force in Poland. "Publishers" such as Baron traveled to Germany, brought CDs from there - for example, Madonna, Michael Jackson - and then, by the thousands, beat "licensed" tapes in the rooms filled with tape recorders at night, throwing them onto the domestic market. Everywhere, to music stores, kiosks, even disco stalls. They earned massive amount of money, they didn't know what to do with them. And they sponsored recording sessions with local bands, probably a bit like money laundering. Janusz focused on helping and supporting metal bands. We slipped into it following TENEBRIS's footsteps, and with us the next ones: TARANIS, MORDOR, MASTIPHAL, HOLY DEATH (you know something about that, hahaha!), MORTAL SLAUGHTER and others ... Then even such big names as PANDEMONIUM and VADER found better conditions with the Baron Rec. than with other publishers, for example Peter of VADER released "Sothis" there, an EP, immediately on cassette and CD, if I remember correctly. It was an underground paradise. Happiness lasted until the copyright law came into force. Baron collapsed overnight, as did several of his colleagues in business. However, we also took advantage of the possibility of a really good concert promotion, because Janusz paid us to play during Dziubiński's MMP Rec. events - twice, in Chorzów and Warsaw, Poland - as a support for TIAMAT and SENTENCED. At that time, it was an epochal event for a medium-sized underground band like ours. Johan Edlund was at the stage of promoting "Wildhoney", AMORPHIS was to play this tour (which earlier, probably in Germany, was forced to leave the bus by the other two bands - probably because their rapping vocal, Patsi, was considered then to be not very true, hahaha!). And we, who play twice for a thousand-strong audience, all chanting our name, both in the Premiere Club in Chorzów (now defunct) and in Warsaw's club called Stodoła. I will not forget it for the rest of my life. Because although ten years later, as a band from the MMP catalog, at different times and with a different line-up, we played again before TIAMAT supporting their concerts in Poland, the atmosphere of both events cannot be compared at all. From this first mini-tour, I have such a funny memory that after the transfer from Silesia to Warsaw, at the Stodoła club, and before the concert, we sat down with SENTENCED for a beer nearby - and we talked about who knew what words in their languages. It is known that Taneli Jarva was developing his IMPALED NAZARENE in parallel at that time. Well, we said to them: "Listen, we only know three words in Finnish: Suomi Finland and Perkele." They burst out laughing, because we accidentally combined the two most pathetic words, meaning the holy motherland, with the greatest blasphemy. Something like: "Republic, fucking, Poland". I am not sure if the title of the third Impaled album came from this conversation, or if we happened to come across their own idea of ​​such a word cluster, which they had earlier. These concerts were in the winter of early 1995 (January) and their album was officially released, according to today's sources, a few months earlier (October 94). It is difficult for me to determine if they managed to give it the title at the last minute after drinking with us.

  1. Two years after the release of your first demo, your second material "The Shadow of the Golden Fire" was released. It was originally released by Baron Rec., It is much better produced and arranged stuff and you can see that you have made a lot of progress in your music and that these two years were a very busy period for you ...

- Musically, it was just like you say. For us, then students dependent on their parents, there were no obstacles such as work or kids. We could basically spend all our time playing, and we did it with enthusiasm. Instead of exploring scientific reading, we only did some basic things for classes, leaving everything for the duration of the examination session. We played, everyone alone at home and then in the rehearsal room, all day long. Hence the good pace of creating the material for "The Shadow ..." and a veeery cool atmosphere of excitement, which can be heard in this music also today. Baran, who then appeared in the band, had many other musical obligations (he is still a sought-after blues and rock keyboard player, he was still playing with someone somewhere then) - but it did not change any percent of his involvement in SACRIVERSUM. He always came to the rehearsal and our every concert, even if he was barely rolling the pavement and the keyboards followed him, buahahahahahahaahahaha! We all had it, because I forgot to say that we had a very social and bottle-like atmosphere inside the band then. Such there, the beginnings of rock and roll in Poland. We were known in the underground for partying behind the scenes, although it was always very cheerful, without any aggression or material losses. We were levellers, but polite ones.

  1. The cassette edition of "The Shadow of the Golden Fire" by Baron Rec. is not the only one that was released on the market at that time?

- This is a story from a bit later times. Because for many years we were looking forward to releasing this material on CD. It became possible only after concluding a publishing contract with the German label Serenades Rec. But first of all: when more rumours about us has been heard after releasing "The Shadow…" on cassette and concerts with Tiamat, the second album - "Soteria" - we already recorded for Morbid Noizz Prod. It was also a time of profound personal and stylistic changes in the band, and the adoption of a woman as a vocal. But the Germans liked Soteria very much, so they bought a license to publish it outside Poland, for other markets. Their range was not very great, but after we broke off relations with Paweł Kamiński, the boss of Morbid Noizz, we signed a contract with these Germans to release three albums. Licensed "Soteria" was the first of them, and then it was time for "Beckettia" (released with great problems due to the financial failure of the label) and "The Shadow ..." - because our German partners decided that if you had to fulfill the contract and there is no money for the next recording session, you can re-edit old stuff. Ordnung muss sein. And this is the genesis of the creation of "The Shadow of the Golden Fire - Early Days", which is our first full –minute recording enriched with material from the demo "Dreams of Destiny", plus two versions of songs from this tape recorded again during the session of "The Shadow…". It was in 2001, the re-edition album was released in the West in CD format - but not in Poland, where this version was difficult to access. Today we make up for it, because thanks to Old School Metal Maniac and Thrashing Madness Prod. it has just re-launched, for the first time on the domestic market. It all is a bit confusing, but I'm glad that thanks to this situation, however, SACRIVERSUM got a very strong impulse to get up, exactly 30 years after the band was founded. And yet 17 years ago (2005) we suspended our activities.

  1. The year 1994 is a time when the Internet was only slowly beginning to develop, so it was not a significant promotional tool as it is now; concerts were the best way to promote a young band back then - what was it like for you back then? Did you play concerts often then?

- Yes, but it wasn't that we suddenly had to drop everything, because there were a tremendous amount of proposals. As I mentioned, around 1995 we started to think about changing the stylistic concept. But we must have looked a bit, unknowingly, at TIAMAT and its evolution. The changes took place gradually. Baran and Herszt were gone, then Slepy as well. I was left alone from the founding group, and other musicians used to come and go to the band. Everyone is an equally important link for me today, everyone added something from each other and pushed this band further. But the transformation of the style into more doom / gothic did not make our task easier in terms of position stability on the stage. Fans, the more radical ones, started to turn away from us. New arrivals were coming along with the release of "Soteria" - but the split in the audience group had become a fact. Years passed, things were different, since 2002 we and MacKozer (who today participates in the band's reactivation) also played in ARTROSIS, thanks to which SACRIVERSUM also got a bit of a kick up, signed another contract, this time with MMP. But three years later the momentum faded, personal matters led to the suspension of the team. Fortunately, today we meet again and - as part of the fight against the late midlife crisis - we are experiencing a second youth.

  1. Which of your concerts stuck in your memory in a special way? I know that in your concert history there have been performances of incl. alongside Tiamat, Napalm Death, then it seemed like an extraordinary ennoblement for you, right?

- Yes, the band was lucky to participate exceptionally pleasant concert events. These early performances supporting TIAMAT, as I wrote about here, were revolutionary, but there was also a lot of interesting going on after that. In fact, in 2001 we played in Poznań's Eskulap Club before NAPALM DEATH, then BEHEMOTH, SCEPTIC, HORRORSCOPE, ANIMA DAMNATA and AD PATRES also performed. But we didn't get very warmly received, maybe because „napalm” fans don't really feel much love for metal goth genre, haha! More was happening behind really underground stages, but I don't have too many specific memories of these concerts, because they are drowning in hectoliters of drunk drugs, haha! We had a good time at events in Remont Club, Warsaw (Vox Mortis Festival), or at the legendary Smash Fest 2002, including GRAVE or BLOOD RED THRONE, where the wind blew the stage and torn tents. There was a lot of gigs, we came back from all over the place full of extraordinary experiences. Sometimes you can find archival reports on the Internet, much more reliable today than my lame memories of today.

  1. The first half of the 90’s in Poland saw several major underground festivals such as S'thrash'ydło, Shark Attack, Thrash Camp, Drrrama - did you go to these events?

- Well, no. We did not make it. All these cult festivals you mentioned prospered well in the late eighties and in the years when we started publishing our first materials or performing more widely (i.e. from 92) we were dealing with the decline of these events. They started to collapse one by one, which I regret to this day. As a fan, I also didn't manage to participate in any of them. At that time, you heard a lot about the trouble that aggressive crew members - for example the famous Szczecin - stirred up at these events or before them, commuting by trains. After that, the organizers for sure got into trouble because of this. The change of the political system also did its job, the economic changes entering our homeland did not always allow the organizers to bear the costs of the project (in comunism this funding probably came from various "cultural institutions", and in the new times you had to provide it yourself, without having sufficient funds to do so. ). But these festivals played a vital role in the development of the scene, not only in Poland. Many years later, when I met the boys from SAMAEL, they told me what extremes it was for them when the two brothers (Vorph and Xytras) traveled to Ciechanów by train. From Switzerland to S'thrahydło, to the castle. They traveled by the Polish railway from the border, through Silesia. As they saw those smoking chimneys and mines, while they are rather unbelievers, on the way they said, “Mon Dieu!”. Hahahahaha! Well, let's make an appointment, it was an ecological massacre, then the Swiss, seeing this view through the window, could really be shocked. But to this day, they say in interviews that these visits to Poland and the insane reactions of our fans for "Into the Pentagram" made them feel strongly about their further activity, believed in themselves and realized that their further action makes sense. That was the strength back then, and the bands shared information from mouth to mouth all over Europe about the reaction of Polish maniacs at local concerts. It came from those first underground festivals. And SACRIVERSUM, however, was a bit late for this time, because the performances at early national festivals included bands older than us and those considered at the time to be at the forefront of the Polish scene. It's a pity these festivals are not dwelling yet. Today I am in good contact with the guys who organized S'thrash’ydlo just because my brother-in-law lives with his family in Ciechanów, and I am a frequent guest there. Organizing such events today is extremely expensive - and in the absence of strong sponsors, simply unprofitable. Nobody will risk private financial resources, because attendance is always an unknown and the cost is always to pay. The costs are immediately payable before the first band even hits the stage. This is the main reason why we no longer have these legendary names on the map of Polish festivals. Fortunately, there are more. For many years, I have had the honor to collaborate on subsequent editions of the ever more beautifully developing metal event: Summer Dying Loud in Aleksandrów Łódzki. This fest was possible thanks to the financial help of the City, and the director and originator of SDL, Tomasz Barszcz, always takes a few steps forward at each subsequent edition of this event. This is already one of the best metal festivals in the country and will soon be one of the best metal festivals in Europe. I cordially invite everyone to come to Aleksandrów every first weekend of September.

  1. This year's re-release of your first two materials in the CD version coincided with your reactivation and the concert scheduled for the premiere. Why did you wait so long with both? What can I wish at the end of this SACRIVERSUM interview? Thank you very much for the interview, if you want to say something to your fans, go ahead ...

- We wanted to reactivate the band several times before. I say "we", mainly bearing in mind MacKozer, who always said that as long as Remo is alive, SACRIVERSUM will exist, hehe ... However, personnel issues have always stood in the way. Years later, and seventeen of them have passed since the band was suspended, the line-up was always burdened with problems. There was always someone missing. Recently, just before the pandemic, we made an attempt to reactivate the band in a line-up close to the last years. But the virus, and with it the necessity to suspend rehearsals, have ruined our work again. I was already sure that if fate wanted it so, it would be fine. And then suddenly Leszek Wojnicz appeared, that is you, hahaha! And there was a proposal to re-release the first album by Thrashing Madness / Old School Metal Maniac. It coincided with the 30th anniversary of SACRIVERSUM, to be exact, so I took it as a sign again - and decided to take that train so it wouldn't leave this time too. Maybe this is the last chance for us to get this band back on its feet. We don't get younger… I knew right away that MacKozer had to play the guitar after reactivation, because for many years he was the only man who somehow kept this "flame" so that it would not die out until the end. However, it was also necessary to address the old comrades who contributed to our first album. Slepy, original drummer, unfortunately is no longer alive. Herszt, the guitarist, for various personal reasons could not join us, but, so to speak, gave us his blessing and full support. As expected, I was not disappointed at Baran, although Krzysztof Baranowicz is one of the musicians who are very busy and in demand. But he never refused to help me when I turned to him, and it has happened now. He remembered the old sounds quickly. We only needed a drummer to be happy and the elite of Łódź drummers helped us a lot in this matter. We asked a few if they would join. I asked for help, among others to Gerard Klawe, but his duties at Farben Lehre unfortunately tied his hands. However, Żeruś is our brother, so he quickly offered us Janek Traciński, one of the young drummers in Łódź, fully aware that he was putting a diamond in our hands. During the first rehearsal, our shoes fell off as soon as we heard what Janek was doing behind the drums. It took me four hours of playing to get my right wrist back to the speed it used to be thirty years ago, hahaha! But now we are full of optimism, because the so-called fresh blood was essential in the band, especially when it comes to the drum, i.e. the drive. Now all the pieces of our puzzle are finally completed and in place. Thus, we return to the early, root face of the band. We invite everyone to the reactivation concert, 22/10/2022 at Klubopiwiarnia Warkot Club in Łódź, Poland, Narutowicza Rd. 7/9. Follow the event on FB. All the details are there. It will be a concert for the group of our first fans, or rather buddies and friends from those years, even before the "gothic" face of the band appeared. For today, we are not planning to return to this face, because the wildness and power of the old songs now played during rehearsals make us realize how much potential they still have in them. We got really into the early stuff and we'll play it all at the show, I think: complete songs from "The Shadow ..." and certainly some of the earlier stuff. Okay, maybe at least one track from later albums, so that the exception would prove the rule, haha! Anyway, we apologize the fans of the late SACRIVERSUM: maybe someday, in the future, we will broaden the concert repertoire. However, we do not plan to return the woman singer to the line-up, at least not permanently. Thank you very much to you, Lech, for the opportunity to talk and for this whole reviving idea - we would like to cordially invite everyone to our reactivation. This is a very important moment, so we would like to have with us those who grew up musically with us in those years. And the younger ones, whenever they feel like it, are very welcome. We haven't gotten old enough yet not to burn fire on the stage haha! What to wish us? Only persistence. Today there are different times and completely different priorities: health, work, kids, fighting with living problems. But we are not going to give up once the machine has been restarted. What do we wish you!

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