Since 10th of |September starts preorder sale of PLANET HELL's debut album- "Mission One", which will be avaible in special, digibook form. Premiere of this work is planned on november 2016. Those, who'll buy this album via preorder will get this CD month earlier in better price and with bonus patch. Next to CD itself we're also starting on 19th of September pre orders of package CD+Shirt. Pacakge price will be given in the day of preorder beggining. Packages with t-shirts will be sended on premiere day- 10th of November. Everyone interested please contact: Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.


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EXORCIST- Voices From The Graves/ After The North Winds CD coming soon 2016.

With small stepst we're aproaching premiere of legendary demo materials EXORCIST- "Voices From The Graves 1987" and After The North Winds from 1988. Next to mentioned materials there will be couple of unique bonuses on CD, including records from Live Thrash Camp, big booklet with EXORCIST interview made by Wojciech Lis, a lot of archival photos and obi



2 Two demo tapes- american black/speed ATTOMIC SIN and one which is mistery for now ;) Follow news on our website, for sure you'll get to know it soon




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NEW ALBUM HELLIAS- ''Eight Cardinal Sins'' Coming Soon October 2016

After six years, the almighty thrash machine HELLIAS returns with their brand new album Eight Cardinal Sins. This stuff is totally old-school and in the vein of EXODUS/SLAYER. HELLIAS` new album kills with uncompromising energy!



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PLANET HELL- ‘’Mission One’’ Digibook CD 2016 Coming Soon

Upcoming debut of progressive death metal band PLANET HELL entitled Mission One - concept album with lyrics inspired by Stanisław Lem works. Exclusive 24-pages digibook A5 with genuine graphics of Daniel Mróz. 10 songs for Carcass, Voivod, Nocturnus and Meshuggah fans.


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New album DARKTHRONE Arctic Thunder Coming Soon 2016


PLANET HELL- ‘’Mission One’’ Digibook CD 2016 Coming Soon

PLANET HELL is a new band from Przemek and Jozef from a Thrash Metal band called THE NO MADS. But this time we`re dealing with something, musically speaking, of a different sort. The overwhelmingly complex and twisted structure of this material oscillates somewhere among a number of stylistically different genres: death, black metal as well as progressive rock. Lyrics are very interesting, deal with Science Fiction themes and motives (highly inspired by Stanislaw Lem`s works) and ought to be deemed as a conceptual entity.

This material is officially out in early November, so stay alert!!!!!!!!



PLANET HELL Mission One limited digi-book cd will be available in early September for pre-order. Soyou guys, hurry up and pre-order you copy now,so you get it,at a lower price, a month before its official release date with some bonuses: a patch, badge etc. A Die-Hard edition featuring a tee shirt is also planned. Follow us at:, so we can keep you updated with PLANET HELL.

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BRUTAL ASSAULT festival: lineup complete, festival trailer revealed, free tickets up for grabs!

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Last months of 2016 are going to be really abundant with new and interesting releases, that’s for sure. The first one to be out is long-awaited EXORCIST-Voices From The Graves/After The North Winds cd, next – a brand new album of HELLIAS - Eight Cardinal Sins, and finally in November we plan to release PLANET HELL`s album Mission One. So stay alert!!!!

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