are currently building a reputation of great live version with the true spirit of the original band.

Mantas, Abaddon and Demolition Man (the Prime Evil lineup) reformed in April last year and have already toured the world (including China, Japan, Europe and America) with a full and classic VENOM set and proved to everyone they're the true powerhouse! This absolute powerhouse of metal are set to bring you all that was/is and will be Venomously brutal and exciting. It is time to set the record straight and give back what was lost. Welcome to the beginning of the end..!

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SLAUGHTER -Into The Darkness 1989 CD Coming Soon 2016






After 26 years, SCARECROW Deo Optimo Maximo demo is going to be available again in LP and CD formats.

American Nuclear War Now plans to re-issue this Speed/Black Metal cherished treasure on LP (limited to 250 copies), whereas Thrashing Madness is going to release this material in a CD format (300 hand-numbered copies). This edition, apart from the demo material itself, is going to feature a number of extra tasty bonus gems: multimedia files and the stuff recorded after SCARECROW split up, which is INDULGENCE- Embodiment of Evil demo 1992 (interestingly, four tracks from this demo: Darkness, First Was the Wind, Schizo and Nothing Forever were supposed to have been put on the SCARECROW`s second demo). Too, the CD version will feature a three-song instrumental rehearsal. This rehearsal is going to be on the LP`s B-side.

Comes with a cd booklet featuring a large number of previously unpublished pictures, the interview done by Wojtek Lis and SCARECROW`s leader: Wolf. Please note that Deo Optimo Maximo has been copied from the original Radio Bydgoszcz`s master tape. In result, this stuff`s got totally new destructive potential when compared to the copies made from demo tapes, or mp3 files.




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HELLHAMMER- BLOOD INSANITY ep7 Coming Soon Century Media 2016



Brutal Assault festival has announced new bands with BEHEMOTH, CATTLE DECAPITATION and MGŁA!

ANIMALS AS LEADERS may currently be the finest progressive / experimental / djent act. Musical prodigy and eight-string guitar wizard Tosin Abasi and his colourful circus of musical variety will debut at Brutal Assault fest. We're pleased to announce, that Polish stars BEHEMOTH will once again be one of the headlining acts at our fest! Californian deathgrind powerhouse CATTLE DECAPITATION will play this year as they had to pull off the last time. Samurai bulldozer goregrind commando JIG-AI of the capital of grindcore (Czech Republic of corpse) will smash brains and commit seppuku while on the other hand KNUCKLEDUST will bring their London’s filth based hardcore punk while celebrating 20 years of the band; all that without any lineup changes. Also comming from the UK, MITHRAS are experimental death metal act and their music is full of cosmic visions and ambient atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Immolation or Nocturnus. Possibly the hottest act in the nowadays black metal underground is returning to our fest. Make sure to catch MGŁA on the main stage this time. MONO are instrumental post rock stars of Japanese alternative scene and will debut our fest alongside MUTOID MAN – a project of Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In). Also debuting at Brutal Assault will bet the returning MISERY LOVES CO. These Swedish maniacs blended power and melody, aggressiveness and subtlety and still retained the most import_ant aspect - the song. When the band first signed to Earache, they were a relatively new name to many, but within a few months they had rightly become acknowledged as one of the mightiest discoveries of '95.

For a list of all confirmed acts please follow




This piece of news is going to make many old school death metal fans truly happy. THRASHING MADNESS has announced it plans to release, in early 2016, a reedition of one of the most interesting, early 90s death metal classic albums: “Dead Bodies Celebration” by Bialystok based band CELEBRATION. This album was originally recorded back in 1991. Well, it is very likely this release will feature not only some extra stuff in form of “Beyond the Grave” demo and SZAFOT`s tracks, but also an additional disk with plenty of previously unreleased live, rehearsal and alternative versions of studio tracks.

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SLAUGHTER -Into the Darkness 1989 CD Coming Soon 2016

After 26 years since its release, SLAUGHTER`s first demo from 1989 has been finally released in a cd format and consists ofeleven merciless thrash metal tracks and a multimedia bonus file (S`thrashydlo 1989). Yeah, this is one of the most important releases from late 80s` Polish underground. All right, it has been thirty years since this stuff has been released, but, believe me, this`ll kill you! Listen to this material at maximum volume!!!



Fresh confirmed bands with VOIVOD, EYEHATEGOD & SIKTH!

This time we start with caveman battle doom, from the swamps of mythical Hyborian ages comes English doom hammer CONAN! Considered by some an ugly bastard spawned by Black Sabbath and Sun O))), they’ve defined their own sound on the split with Slomatics and their debut EP Horseback Battle Hammer. Industrial metal/EBM stars DIE KRUPPS will join us alongside legendary southern bastards EYEHATEGOD, who will claim their repugnant dopethrone for the first time at our festival! Next a band that formed entirely new vision of progressive metal at dawn of our milenium, SIKTH! These guys were supposed to play last year but their studio schedule prevented them from doing so in the end. But the wait was totally worth it, the new EP Opacities is again a gamechanger, or at least a piece that bursts with creativity and technical skills and oscillates between madness and classical musical approach. Controversy sprouting Niklas Kvarforth and his Swedish enslemble SHINING will take part as well as Norway’s own SLAGMAUR, who will honour us with one of their extremely rare avantgarde black metal shows. A big name in the end, VOIVOD! VOIVOD seem to be in perfect shape ever since Canadian guitar hero Daniel Mongrain (Martyr, Cryptopsy, Gorguts) has joined their ranks to replace the sadly deceased Piggy and will celebrate the musical greatness of various genres.

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New OLDSCHOOL METAL MANIAC this time has been released in paper version in Polish, but don't worry ! Most of materials will be avaible in English on our website fo free ! So I encourage you to visit it !


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